Do you even realize we’re living in a ‘hoe renaissance’?


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Do you even realize we’re living in a ‘hoe renaissance’?

What a time to be alive!

Look, I know things are bad out there. At least in some corners of the Internet, we can take solace and seek refuge in the non-judgmental, virtual arms of our hoe brothers and sisters.

For waaaay too long, straight men have attempted to keep us down by slapping the hoe label on women who dare to commit unforgivable atrocities like holding balloons on her birthday, using an iPhone, reading her horoscope, or having the Snapchat app. But something’s shifted over the past few years: the rise of hoeism.

It started on Twitter, as it always does. Probably Black Twitter, because — let’s face it — everything good and fun and meme-able originates there.

‘Dick appointment’ entered our collective lexicons and lent itself to some seriously excellent memes, including several starring everyone’s favorite hoe icon, Joanna the Scammer.

Then the Zola story dropped and everything was about “bonding over our hoesim” and thottery, and Twitter was filled with people swapping hoesim stories and even giving out helpful “hoe tips” on everything from hair removal and waterproof makeup to confidence.

Being sexually promiscuous isn’t a new phenomenon — we all know that women love sex just as much as everyone else. This is just the first time we have a free pass to express it with humor and camaraderie. Really, we’re reclaiming the hoe label. Yeah, we can be hoes but we’re going to hoe on our own terms.