PSA: If I show you photos on my phone, don’t take the phone out of my hands you animal


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PSA: If I show you photos on my phone, don’t take the phone out of my hands you animal


We live in a modern world, but it’s still a world where some rules of etiquette still exist. For instance, when you break up with someone, you’re probably allowed only one free pass to do a Facebook post calling them a dickhead and using the “feeling: sad” status accompaniment, and you can lend a total stranger your eyeliner and mascara despite knowing nothing of their personal hygiene, but only – only – in the girls toilets at the club.

The most important etiquette point in our times though is one that is sadly often ignored: If I show you a picture on my phone, please do not ever take the phone out of my hands to see it you fucking animal how did your parents raise you.

  • When I was little my mum used to say “you look with your eyes, not with your hands”. She meant for stupid things, like hot plates of food or precious family heirlooms, but phones are more important than all those things. Phones are our lives. And yet, we disregard this motherly advice and cause each other serious anxiety. Think of this as a refresher in manners: when you give someone your phone all you’re saying to them is hello would you like to see this funny meme of a small dog I found on the internet? You are not saying:

    “Hey, wanna take this phone I have definitely not put on flight mode and show it to everyone else in the room as my messages blow up the screen?”

    “Hey, there might be some more funny dog memes in my camera roll, in among all the screenshots of text conversations and nudes. Why not go into my photos and scroll through them with wild abandon?”

    Remember these things and you’ll save yourselves all kind of social faux pas, like getting kicked in the throat by angry people on Twitter. Phones are more than technology. They are an extension of ourselves. There is a boundary, and there is a respect. When you take a phone from someone when they show you a picture, you cross that boundary, and there is absolutely no respect.