Under no circumstances should women wear any of these things to the gym


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Under no circumstances should women wear any of these things to the gym

A handy guide

Working out can be all kinds of uncomfortable. Twisting and bending in ways that just can’t be natural, jumping around while trying to hold your boobs in place, sweating a shit-ton and generally just pushing your body to its absolute limit. Surely for something so physically strenuous, women are expected wear something as comfortable as possible?

But instead, we’re constantly criticized, shamed and harassed for what we choose to wear to the gym. One in three women have been catcalled while running, “revealing” activewear has been banned from certain gyms, bigger women are fat shamed in changing rooms and those who dare to wear makeup are criticized for being “insecure”. The only thing more exhausting than working out is being told by idiot men (and women) what to wear whilst doing it.

For some, gym uniform is about practicality, but for others, it’s a way of making them feel strong and confident. All reasons are just as empowering, unlike the un-empowering act of being told to cover up.

What you choose to exercize in is your choice and there’s nothing you shouldn’t be allowed wear. So instead of telling you what not to wear, here’s what you can wear instead.

1) A full face of makeup

2) Teeny tiny gym shorts

3) A sports bra

4) A baggy sweater and sweatpants

5) Loose-fitting floaty pants that you also wear as pjs sometimes because why not

6) Yoga pants

7) A bathing suit

8) A leopard print faux-fur coat

9) Your ex boyfriend’s t-shirt that still smells of him

10) An umbrella hat

11) Toe walking shoes

12) A cape

13) A suit of armor

14) Jack O’Lantern themed nipple tassels

15) Oh wait you can wear whatever you fucking want