End the war between our thighs and denim. Sign the babe petition to appeal for some reinforced jeans


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End the war between our thighs and denim. Sign the babe petition to appeal for some reinforced jeans

Enough is enough

Now I don’t know about you, but I get through about five or six pairs of jeans a year.

I don’t get bored of them because let’s be quite honest, will black skinny jeans ever go out of fashion? No, instead the close friendship that my thighs share burn a hole in an undignified location making them either unwearable or a questionable fashion statement. The friction from continued use causes my thighs to defy me and cost me my money and my time. What’s worse is the process is undoubtedly expensive. A good fitting pair of jeans does not come cheap – they dig a fat hole in your bank account and your soul.

Some may see an easy solution here. Just “get a bigger pair of jeans” they might say. “Its because your thighs are too big” they’ll remark as our eyes burn a hole into their forehead, similar size to the one our thighs gifted us, in response to this insult. It’s not about getting bigger jeans though is it, because then you’re presented with another issue- constantly pulling them up as you walk. Instead, we buy jeans just that little too small so we are relieved of hoisting them up and the disapproving stares as you stroll down the street.

More often than not, the broken jeans must be worn a few days after the event until a relationship of trust and at least moderate comfort can be built with a new pair. These few days have us constantly on edge as day to day activities become obstacles in the path of preventing further ripping. Sitting down has you taking on a half way movement between elegance and clumsiness. Not to mention the slight draft you get in the cold weather, further reminding us of how your thighs have rebelled against us. What’s even worse is noticing part of your thigh making a getaway through their hole and spilling out to their freedom.

I argue that the solution can be simple. We NEED reinforced jeans. It’s surely the only way. If we’re honest, what proportion of the female population has a significant gap between their legs when they walk? You may argue there are plenty but I’m calling bullshit. The majority of us fall victim to our occasionally disloyal thighs. Just as a little reminder, there’s not even anything wrong with our thighs touching. It’s a beautiful friendship they share and it’s admirable that they’re so close. It’s bloody normal so why do we have to feel as though it’s our fault that our jeans are feeble and incompetent?

Enough is enough.

It’s time to shift the blame and start a movement. Ladies, lets stand together and fight something that matters (please I am joking do not send me Twitter hate about the feminist struggle). I propose a petition to start the proceedings. We need stronger material so time and money should be spent on this. It will be innovative and could start a whole new trend all together.

Together we can make a difference and I urge you ladies to stand up for something we believe in. Let’s get jeans which don’t rip at the crotch.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Sign here.