Beware of the single person tag on Facebook, literally the rudest thing you can do online


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Beware of the single person tag on Facebook, literally the rudest thing you can do online

Don’t @ anyone this is a group effort

I’m aware that Facebook has a lot of problems right now (and yes, slightly terrified that writing that sentence means Mark Zuckerberg will track me down and delete my account). Big ones, like accidentally streaming videos of people being murdered and stuff like that. But there is one Facebook problem more important than any other – and that is single tagging on group shots.

Let me explain the concept for the uninitiated. You post a group pic on Facebook. It has been lovingly selected so you all look your best, several near-identical shots have been vetoed by the group chat. You all dutifully like it to get the momentum going, and then the fateful notification pops up. Someone has commented underneath “Sophie, you look beautiful! xx’ It’s happened. The single person comment has ruined the picture for everyone.

The above is the standard single person comment, but there are many variations, each more infuriating than the last. For instance, there’s the two person single tag. This is when the picture you have posted is just you and one other person but still sick vile Facebook users are not above commenting underneath, solely about the other person. Guess I’ll just go fuck myself, right guys?

Then there’s the variation where not only are vile sick Facebook users complimenting someone else in your pic, they’re literally arranging plans right in front of your eyes while excluding you. For example: “Lucy you look BEAUT, can’t wait to see you on Saturday we are gonna parrrrrrty!!!!”

Oh. A party? On Saturday? Must have missed the invite on the picture I took and uploaded with my own data, working my own fingers to the bone. How silly of me.

There are normal rules for etiquette in modern society. We don’t chew with our mouths open. We don’t swear at our grandparents. We pretend not to want to kill screaming babies on long haul flights, and yet we engage in single person tagging on Facebook with wild abandon, pretending it’s not the height of social media discourtesy.

Show some respect.