There’s a secret Snapchat hack that will literally make you go ‘whaaaat?!’


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There’s a secret Snapchat hack that will literally make you go ‘whaaaat?!’

You can now give your dick appointments the eggplant emojis they deserve

Somewhere hidden in Snapchat’s settings is a function you never thought you wanted or needed in your life until this very moment.

It will change you. It will change the people you share it with. It will change the. Fucking. Game.

You know those emojis that show up next to a friend’s name which basically define your relationship? Snapchat introduced them a while ago and even though you still don’t actually know what they all mean, you’ve probably learned the basics: Your besties get a yellow heart, your BFFs get a red heart, and the guy you tell yourself you’re just friends with gets a fire emoji with the number 89 next to it.

Well, did you know you can customize them?

Yeah, your bestie can now ditch that ugly yellow heart emoji for a cute lil animal and the guy we all know you’re fucking can finally get that eggplant emoji next to his name.

This is how to personalize your friend emojis in Snapchat.

– Go to settings in Snapchat
– Scroll down to the ‘Manage’ section under ‘Additional Services’
– Go to ‘Friend Emojis’
– Go absolutely wild
Yeah, I fucking know right. You’re welcome for this life-altering information. Thank me @elenimitzali.