A celebration of the glo-up, the most satisfying phase in every girl’s life


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A celebration of the glo-up, the most satisfying phase in every girl’s life

Emerging like a beautiful butterfly from a withered old chrysalis

There’s an ancient proverb which says “be careful who you call ugly in high school”. This is because at some point in everyone’s life where they emerge from the horrible ugly duckling chrysalis that puberty has encased them in, and become a beautiful swan that you’d want to fuck.

OK so that analogy became a little muddled, but honestly, the glo up is fucking magical.



When I was awkward and 14 everything I owned was either twilight or Tim Burton. I grew up quite nerdy, a prefect and student council girl through and through. Didn’t really get into makeup unless you count neon eye shadow. I used to wear 50 hair bands and rock a spiky hairdo, now I dye it and it’s 80 per cent bangs to 20 per cent face. I lost three stone at uni, got into winged eye liner and hair straighteners and the rest is history.


This is back when I was part of like 20 quinceaneras. I had no idea how to curl my hair so my mom had to do it. Fast forward to now and I know how to curl my hair and perfect the cat eyeliner look.


I 100000% glowed up. This is a picture of me from my first “formal” in 2011, I thought the edit was cool and my hair was ON POINT. I still love the dress six years on, but I didn’t understand anything about posing/angles/how to get glam. Now I know what works for my body and how to nab a bargain in the sale.

I also know the importance of false eyelashes and getting my hair dyed semi regularly. I’m always looking back on old photos and realising that I look a HELL of a lot better than I did when I was younger, and gaining more confidence in myself day by day.


I’ll never forgive my mother for letting me wear the things i did and now I’m also grateful for blonde highlights.


Filters help but I went and did a bit of a glo up.


Thank god for eyebrow tweezers and hair dye.


Pubescent me is not missed.


I was really into gray sweaters and there was too much going wrong with my hair.


Guess I was leading the way with my choker, tattoos and Babe references, yet I’m not quite sure I pull them off as stylishly as I thought.


I don’t think I’ve had an official glo-up yet, but at some point I started actually giving a shit about what I looked like and what I wore, and my life will never be the same.


I’d like to personally thank whoever told me I’d never actually be the lead singer of a punk band, and that side-bangs and beanies weren’t going to help.


It’s been a wild ride.


I ruined all the family photos.


It’s so bad I don’t even know what to caption it. Fast forward 10ish years though…


i especially like my hairstyle in this one. 10 years later… I’m just really thankful for puberty to be honest. In all seriousness, my hometown is quite a stuffy place and leaving it to go to uni in a liberal, creative city genuinely brought me out of my shell so much and I finally felt comfortable enough to look how I wanted to.


It took me a long time but I finally realised that bras, contacts and make-up were a thing.


There are even worse photos of me in the past but I can’t face looking at them.


My best friend when I was growing up used to get with all the boys I liked. It’s no wonder I was always friendzoned though, I’m glad I discovered makeup, gave up with the failed side fringe and left my emo days behind in 2009.


Me and Taylor Swift were killing the half head braids (also I didn’t have any eyebrows until I was like 17 so that’s fun too).


Times have changed.