Is it just me or are we living in a Black Mirror episode where everyone has to own this backpack?


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Is it just me or are we living in a Black Mirror episode where everyone has to own this backpack?

Oh my god LOVE your backpack, where did you get it

It’s advertised as “the perfect backpack for everyday adventures”, but you probably know it more as – the backpack literally every single person has in every city and every fifth Instagram post you view every day. It’s time we accept it, we are living in a Black Mirror episode where if you do not own a Fjallraven backpack, you’re not a real, indie, arty, hyped true life size human person.

In 2016 sales of backpacks grew by 92 per cent to $1.6 billion, according to a study by Yahoo finance. And Fjallraven is the king of them. It’s the starter pack for every “I just moved to the city is the subway safe” 20 something you know. The company’s VP Joe Prebich told Yahoo: “The bags are relatively new in the North American market, but honestly, we’ve carved out a fantastic little corner.

“I think it’s right to think of Herschel, but I think they talk to a little bit different consumer. I think we speak to a somewhat older, more mature consumer—someone who knows themselves and knows what they like. The backpack market can feel a little bit young at times, and we make packs that are functional and adult. We also sometimes get looped into the term ‘hipster’ but we really don’t talk about hipsters as a thing or a customer, we just talk about our brand as a sustainable, outdoor brand.”

Back in 2012 GQ were touting it as the new ‘it thing’, and in true ‘we are on the cusp of what modern young people like’ GQ style, they were a little off. “Wearers of Fjällräven tend to be secretive about their supply source,” they write. “Like DJs with white labels, they don’t want you to own what they have found.”

Five years later though it’s everywhere, so maybe I’m being a little harsh on them. Back in 2012, when all we cared about was stopping Kony and everyone laboured under the illusion that that new Girls thing might actually be a good show from Lena Dunham, Fjallraven considered themselves “rucksack rebels”.

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Before that, in the 1980’s before modern society had been truly established, they were mostly used by Swedish OAP ramblers, who liked them because they evenly distributed weight and let them walk without the aid of a walking cane. Which is honestly very sweet.

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That, coupled with the fact that Fjallraven are a pretty woke, sustainable brand – their Rekanken backpack is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles – means that the whole craze isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Compared to fuckboy glasses, wearing fishnets under literally everything and the ever encroaching threat of the return of global fascism, it’s great to be honest. It’s just bizarre to see one everywhere, everyday.

Oh and if you don’t have one, then you’re carrying a Herschel. There are no exceptions.

Whatever, I’m buying one.

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