Welcome to the era of the post-fuckboy glow, where girls are hot and boys ain’t shit


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Welcome to the era of the post-fuckboy glow, where girls are hot and boys ain’t shit

You’ll know when you experience it

Post-fuckboy glow [pōst fək-boi ɡlō] (Noun): That space of time after running around looking like the shit you were dealing with.

Last night the artist formerly known as LaLa Anthony stepped out wearing a ring on every finger but her ring finger, looking like a 12out of 10 following a breakup with her cheating ex. The thought of Carmelo seeing Lala solo and better than ever, emitting the radiant glow only attainable after a hardship (or one of those Kardashian blood facials) is a great one.

If the post-fuckboy glow doesn’t sound familiar to you, congrats! You’ve never dealt with trash! But for those of us who have — and let’s be real, that’s most of us — we know what it feels like to glow-up in the wake of dealing with some absolutely childish shit.


Just don’t mistake the fuck boy as the reason for the glow — think of it as an add-on.

It’s even been known to cure things such as acne, back pain, and poor self-esteem.

And despite non-believers, in recent weeks there have been firsthand accounts of it happening all across the country. Some (read: me) might call it a glow-up revolution.

Supporting your local girl through her post fuck boy glow is a great way to show support. Just remember to keep your eyeliner sharp, and your standards high. And when you slip, take solace in the fact that after every storm comes a post-fuckboy glow.

You just have to make it through first.

Good luck, and see you on the other side.


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