What the word ‘thrussy’ means and why it continues to haunt my nightmares


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What the word ‘thrussy’ means and why it continues to haunt my nightmares

The internet is a wild place

Every day we – the collective we, the people of the internet, the young people on the information superhighway – continue to stray further and further from God’s light. The latest example of this is thrussy, the meme I cannot escape because it’s everywhere.

It is, as you might expect, a portmanteau of the words “throat” and “pussy”. So that’s where we’re at with it. It began many moons ago in internet time (a week) when an anonymous Tumblr user asked someone to “fuck their thrussy”.

There was a time when our memes were simple. When they were a man sprinkling salt in a restaurant or that frog that’s been repurposed by Nazi virgins. But that was before thrussy. And because the internet is a dark and terrible place, it’s quickly become huge. It spread on Tumblr, someone made a poll about it, it even has a knowyourmeme article, so obviously it wasn’t long before it became a Twitter staple.

This is the world we live in now – the thrussy world. If you thought memes could get no darker than when we sank to the creation of the previous, similar portmanteau “bussy” you would be wrong. It’s thrussy’s world now. We’re all just surviving in it for as long as we can.