This is definitively the best time and day of the week to post on Instagram


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This is definitively the best time and day of the week to post on Instagram

Because if you don’t get at least 100 likes you might not be alive at all, right

Most people who know me in real life and not online content form would agree that I’m not a person prone to exaggerations. So it’s safe to say I’m being totally reasonable and not exaggerating when I say that there’s literally nothing in this world worse than posting a fire Instagram at an incorrect, off-peak time and it bombing.

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If like me, you care about the big important things in life, then you’ll care about Incredibly Important Data from Latergramme which predicts the best times to post to optimise and curate your social media game. Latergramme, a programme which lets its users manage and schedule Instagram posts, analysed 61,000 posts to find the definitive best time to upload a photo to get the most likes and comments.

Despite anecdotal evidence that the best time to post is Sunday evening when everyone is hungover and glued to their phones to hold on to the dregs of the weekend, the team actually found that the best time to post is either 2am and 5pm EST (7am or 10pm if you’re in the UK), whereas the worst hours are 9am and 6pm (2pm and 11pm GMT).

The best day of the week to post was found to be Wednesday, which is probably down to the deluge of people posting their “miss this!!” tbts to try to push ourselves through hump day. There are some minor variations by day though – on Monday 5pm EST is the worst time to post, and on Friday 1am and 8am are the golden times for hella likes.

Founder of Latergramme Matt Smith told Huffington Post: “We think 5pm works because less people are posting at that time and that engaged users and using Instagram at the time.” He explained this could be down to the amount of people bored at work and procrastinating on Instagram before they get to leave.


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And if you’ve had a big weekend and are saving your best pic to drop on Monday morning when it’s over, don’t bother. The research found that this is statistically the worst day of the week, with just 4.4 per cent engagement rates compared to 4.9 on Wednesday.

Sunday was second worst with 4.62 per cent in engagement, which proves my theory is bullshit and obviously explains why nobody is liking my photos. Right?

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