Under no circumstances should girls post any of these things on social media


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Under no circumstances should girls post any of these things on social media

According to bitter hateful people on the internet

The information superhighway can be a really scary place sometimes. Yes, we need the internet for talking to people we can’t speak to on the phone, Googling our symptoms any time we get as much as a twinge (result is always cancer or pregnant) and obviously memes, but there are also very strict rules here. The internet isn’t a lawless wasteland, so if you want to be a part of it and you’re also a woman, you better behave.

Specifically, if you want to enjoy social media, you can’t do any of these things according to bitter, hateful people on social media who for some reason think it’s their right to police what other people do – well, other girls at least. The scary part is, the majority of the people out there shaming other girls for their online choices are also women – internalised misogyny guys! It’s great.

Take photos of your boyfriend

Talk about friendship at any point

Tell people where you bought a product you like and enjoy

Post ANY pictures where you’re not totally covered from head to toe

Talk about going to the gym

Talk about being single


Be ‘slutty’

Follow ANYONE EVER on Instagram if you don’t know them because they may have a girlfriend


Share updates about your pregnancy before the age of 42

Talk about having a libido

Support your friends

Talk about your emotions

Cook. Anything. Ever

Use the well known app ‘Snapchat’ in social situations

Again, don’t talk about your boyfriend. Ever

Be sexy if you’re this girl’s friend

Use Snapchat filters

Let anyone take your photo if you’re not wearing a full face of make-up

It’s a jungle out there.