Have you ever done a ‘Thot Squat’? I bet you have, you saucy lil thot

I didn't know it had a name! I love it!

Which Instagram pose craze are you? Thighbrows? Bambi? Ribcage? Thot Squat?

Tag yourself, I'm the Thot Squat.

You've probably already seen it all over Instagram, portrayed by the sexiest ~Instafluencers~ you follow. It's everywhere, sandwiched in between the sunglasses selfies and the #ads for Detox Tea. I didn't even know it had a name! Actually, I'm pretty sure it never had a name and Galore Magazine just made it up — but I still love it, the pose is just so fun.

It's characterized by squatting (duh, no shit) and arching it juuuust so for maximum ass roundness and attention:

Looking back at your masterful ass is a crucial part of it, too. I mean, if you can't ogle your own treats, how the hell you gonna ogle someone else's? Isn't that what RuPaul always says?

Like everything else trendy and cool, it was probably started by one Nicki Minaj — icon, living legend, record-breaking musician, trend-setter:

And if a Black woman started it, you can bet Kylie Jenner is gonna co-opt it faster than you can say "box braids":

Boys can do it to! Thotting is for all!

Keep thotting, my friends.