Feminist grad caps so fiery you’ll scream until your tonsils bleed


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Feminist grad caps so fiery you’ll scream until your tonsils bleed

Class of 2017 brought the heat

Decorating your graduation cap is a lasting reminder of your college experience, and an opportunity to showcase your personality. The class of 2017’s female graduates have some of the most fire caps we’ve seen, so we rounded up the best feminist caps of 2017.

Calling all gladiators

#dst #graduationcap…. feeling so blessed that I can create memories for these young graduates ?!!

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Gold digger? I got my own goals, my own gold and a degree

We ain’t need no man to be successful

‘The most dangerous woman is an educated black woman’


Done with the B.S. ??

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Keep bloomin’

In which I allow myself to be basic with a Mulan quote ??? #graduationcap

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The best D you’ll ever have. It’ll never let you down

#SiSePuede, and we did

Tiana is high key the best Disney princess #WEMADEIT

Changing the world one step at a time

And we give no fucks about what you want us to be

‘You have nothing to lose but your chains’

Ready to graduate #graduation #graduationcap #classof2017

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Would it even be 2017 if this quote wasn’t plastered on every other grad cap?


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Got my cap ready for tomorrow ???‍?#graduationcap #neverthelessshepersisted

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The Beyhive came through this year

Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper ? ? ?

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Loving these Beyoncé themed caps ♥️ Congrats to @lovelightskin for graduating from Morgan State University!

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Smakt and Stkong


Keep doing your thing, girl

Stay dangerous, ladies

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