So pleased to announce we finally have gender equality because there are now rompers marketed to men


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So pleased to announce we finally have gender equality because there are now rompers marketed to men

To be fair, everyone should get to enjoy the magic that is a romper, regardless of gender

It’s hard for men in the summertime. No honestly, it is, sartorially speaking at least. They just don’t have the options that women are afforded by the fashion world, and they means they get to have a lot less fun. But not anymore!

The romper – the true icon of all spring/summer fashion that can also be repackaged with opaques in fall/winter, God I love rompers – are now available for men. Except they’re called ‘romphims’. This is what they look like:

The romphim is being sold by ACED Design, the haute couture come frat chic collective who call the romphim “their signature statement piece”. They’ve also started a kickstarter for their foray into gender-equality fashion and have already raised $40,592, over $30,000 above their original $10k goal.

“Is it a romper designed for men? Sure”, say ACED Design. “But it’s also pretty damn comfortable, and it may just be the start of a fashion revolution.”

OK, I have some questions. Bear with me because there’s a lot to unpack here.

1) Does the company who make these truly believe that the word romper is actually pronounced and/or spelt romp-her? Follow up question: has this product moved from pitch stage to having raised over $40k in post-production without anyone correcting this mistake?

2) Are we forgetting that this is not a new style? It was made fashionable over 50 years ago with Sean Connery’s dubiously iconic albeit misogynistic depiction of James Bond in 1964’s Goldfinger (the shit but stylish movie your dad might watch on Christmas Day).

3) I’m all for the collective steps we’re making towards total gender equality, and yes obviously gender neutral rompers are the right follow up to the genderless acting award Emma Watson one, but I wonder if the men behind the romphim have truly considered the implications of their choices.

There is one drawback to the romper, and it’s that when you wear it to the club, down five vodka lime sodas and decide to break the seal, you have to get completely naked in the cubicle. This is fine for girls, there’s a door there and let’s be honest, sometimes you invite in two friends to help zip you back up afterwards, but are men really prepared to go full toddler-style at the urinal and drop everything to pee naked? I’m not so sure.

But I wish you all the best with the rompers guys. They are one of the best parts of being a woman to be honest.