Signs that annoying couple you always see on your feed is actually about to break up


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Signs that annoying couple you always see on your feed is actually about to break up

‘You are my today and all of my tomorrows’

There they go again — that couple you hate posting photos of themselves in Greece, sipping on fruity drinks, golden from the sun. Do they have jobs? It’s so hard to say. But don’t worry about unfollowing them, they won’t be together long.

Earlier this year Mail Online, sexologist Nikki Goldstein explained to us why couples who overshare on social media are probably unhappy and seeking validation from others. It’s like someone constantly updating their LinkedIn, or posting tons of photos in their college swag — they’re probably not settled in their decision.

Overcompensating can be addictive, and eventually drive us to resent the situation we’re overcompensating for, more than we already did in the first place. In this case, a significant other.

Here’s how to know if that couple you hate-follow is probably close to breaking things off.

One half of the couple has been posting more and more photos with just friends

This isn’t an exact science, but when we date someone, they’re, hopefully, our best friend. It’s natural to spend more and more time together, which sometimes causes a falling out with friends. So when you see one half of a couple reaching back out to those friends, and posting about it on social media, they could be reminding themselves they’ll be fine when the relationship ends — there’s something to fall back on.

Plus, they’ve always been a gal’s gal.

The other half is still posting a ton of photos of them together

This is the real kicker, because it’s almost painful to watch. It’a a not-so-unspoken rule that one half of every couple is always at least a bit more invested than the other, but sometimes it’s hardly subtle.

There are tons of throwbacks, and reminders of times when things were at their best — both of them were at least closer to the same page.

One half references the relationship while the other doesn’t

Selfies with babe

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But who can blame her?

One half has already started working on their revenge bod

This can be the more invested one who knows the breakup is coming — good bodies take a lot of time, so why not get a jump-start. But it can also be the one planning on doing the breaking up. They’re getting ready to bounce back and re-enter the, extremely judgmental, world of dating.

You’ll see them Instagraming in the gym with captions like, “Finally back and it feels so good!”

One half has been spending more time with family

Of course we all love spending time with our siblings, but when it’s obvious someone is doing it more than usual, or is spending holidays with the family and without their significant other, it’s a sign they might need some time away from one another with the people who really know them best.

I can’t be the only one who still talks to my mom before making an important decision.

One has begun posting super thirst-traps, and they look amazing

Not that you can’t post thirst-traps while dating someone — it’s your feed, do what you want — but if it’s someone who doesn’t post them often, and then they come out with something fire like this, it might be because they’re ready to remind people they’re still here, and still hot.

One of them has way cheesier captions than the other

?@idreamaboutfood and you ?@idreamaboutfood

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Of course I could be wrong and these couples could be happy, but if an Instagram caption says a thousand words, some definitely say breakup.