Meet the guy who ditched the flowers and got his date a turkey leg for prom


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Meet the guy who ditched the flowers and got his date a turkey leg for prom

“We talked about turkey legs before so I thought, ‘Why not?'”

A video of a guy giving his prom date a turkey leg instead of flowers has gone viral since it was posted to Twitter on Sunday.

Kenyon Burt wanted to surprise his girlfriend Kyndal Thomas on their prom night, so he told her he wouldn’t be taking her to the dance at Garner Magnet High School in Garner, North Carolina. Instead he coordinated the entire night prom night with her mother.

Together they spent weeks planning the right place to take prom photos and eventually found the perfect spot at Yates Mill Park in Raleigh NC, where the viral video took place.

Kenyon said he chose to pick a turkey leg after the couple’s mutual love for food

“I never planned to bring a turkey leg. I was on my way to surprise her when I passed by a turkey leg stand.We talked about turkey legs before so I thought ‘Why not?'”

Kyndal’s mother said her daughter knew something was up, but she wasn’t sure what it was.

“Kyndal definitely knew something was up, she could tell he was lying, but didn’t know why and was disappointed that he wasn’t taking her to prom. But he assured her that they could hang out and spend time afterwards, so she came to accept it,” she told babe.

In the late spring and throughout the summer, “Smoked Turkey Leg” tents are set up on corners where vendors smoke them on site. Kenyon decided to pick up the turkey leg thinking his girlfriend would probably not have eaten and that this would ultimately make her the happiest.

According to Kenyon, the couple have been dating since October 3rd of last year and their favorite hobby happens to be eating so it made sense to bring a turkey leg to their prom day.

Kyndal’s mom said her daughter has always wanted to buy a smoked turkey leg at their local State fair every year. It was only after the couple went there together one time that their love for turkey legs blossomed.

The high school junior has actually known he wanted to be with Kyndal since his freshman year when he first had a crush on her.

Twitter can’t get enough over this prom video.

The video of Kenyon winning all prom videos of 2017 has since been retweeted over 62,000 times.

People have started to recognize Kenyon from the video

“Everyone in my school and hometown are talking about this video,” Kenyon said. “I just went to the grocery store and this little boy recognized me as the guy the Turkey leg guy.”

But all he wants is to show how much he loves Kyndal.

“I want everyone to see how happy I am with her and I’m glad people get to see her first in the video because she’s that important to me and she deserves the best.”