This is officially the scariest, most bat-shit celebrity conspiracy theory this week


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This is officially the scariest, most bat-shit celebrity conspiracy theory this week


I know I’ve cried wolf before, but I really mean it this time. Forget Avril, forget Lindsay, forget those thousands of joke tweets about Hillary Duff and Lizzie McGuire.

This one about Lady Gaga will blow your fucking mind, and I’m not even saying that in a click-bait way. So let’s start from the beginning. This was first brought to light by Twitter user @PRAYINGMANTIS also known as Retired Hoe (same). The first tweet in the thread makes an explosive claim:

And I know you’re like, “OK bold assertion to make, but let’s see the evidence.” Bitch, there is evidence for days!

We get some more background on Gaga (then Stefani) and her friend Lina Morgana. At first I thought she wasn’t real, but a quick Google search of her name reveals everything checks out — but more on that later.

Here’s where things get dark:

But what does that have to do with Lady Gaga?

Seriously, Lina’s mom even took it to the New York Post and it was reported on by other outlets. And it does look a liiiittle suspect….

Pretty crazy, right? Here’s the TMZ vid about the whole thing:

And now, for the even bigger twist:

And it’s not just that Lina’s family thinks there was foul play surrounding her death. It’s implied that Lady Gaga straight -up killed her!

The Paparazzi video is said to hold dozens of clues.

And finally….

Sorry, but I’m shooketh. Real or not, these conspiracy theories gotta stop, it’s fucking with my sleep cycle.

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