All the shit we’d rather see guys wear instead of man-rompers


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All the shit we’d rather see guys wear instead of man-rompers

We’re not here for seeing y’all with camel toes this summer

You know that male rompers are a thing, and people have some very mixed feelings about them.

We, the fashion forward females of the world, are down with sharing our lewks with men daring enough to try them, but y’all shit the bed picking rompers.

Honestly, there are so many other ridiculous trends we’d rather see men rocking this summer.

Perspex anything — less breezy than a romphim, but much trendier

If you’re in favor for seeing the dick print in perspex pants say ‘aye’

To go all out, don’t forget to pair the look with your perspex boots

Finally got my clear rain boots ?❤️ thanks @nastygal #transparentrainboots #snow #lovethem

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If you want our clothes so bad, just shop at FashionNova

Justin Bieber is already way ahead of y’all. Get on his level.

Take notes, boys

Can you image your man’s bulge and his donk in these jeans? Yaaaas hunty, werrrk.

What ever happened to the male crop top revival? Bring it back!

If you’re going to steal my clothes at least let me see some abs.

Since you guys are so prepared to get ass-naked to use the restroom, we recommend bodysuits

If you not ready to go this far in the name of fashion, return your romphim baby boy

It’s all or nothing, if you want a romper better throw on a choker

Just remember, if we’re hoes for wearing chokers then so are y’all

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