Just some really creative ways guys have asked for nudes which almost makes us want to send them


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Just some really creative ways guys have asked for nudes which almost makes us want to send them

And some that are just savage

Girls are all about a good nude — we know we’re sexy and damn do we know our angles. We’re not as inclined, however, to send said nudes to random strangers, whether the poetic gesture comes from a classically handsome fish-wielding man on Tinder, or the delightful boy you sit next to in Economics 101.

Since it’s officially national Send a Nude Day (seriously), we have to give credit where credit is due —  and right now that’s to these guys who went above and beyond to ask for nudes.

This guy who asked for ‘just one of the boobs’

“What can it hurt?”, “It’s only nudes not like we’re having sex” — just saving these quotes for the next time I want to try Tinder.

This guy who braved the cold

I was going to make a joke about other white stuff all over the ground but I think I’ll pass.

This guy who got all fancy

It’s honestly the “madam” that lost me.

This guy who climbed a volcano to spell out his message in a pile of rocks

This guy who actually just wanted memes

This guy who only highlighted the important bits

I’m left wondering about the lone ‘T’.

This guy who just wanted to see her artistic side

This guy who doesn’t even need words

If it’s said with emojis it’s said with love.

This guy who just really appreciates the female body

This guy who spent too much time trying to make this work

This guy who tried to use reverse psychology

Darn, you got me there.

This guy with a wild imagination

‘I see a bird riding a skateboard!’ ‘Well I see…’

This guy who just wanted to win something

This guy who is just plain savage

This guy who just likes games

This guy who just cares about his education

Send notes, not nudes.

You have to give it to these guys for their creativity — that extra effort goes a long way, and almost makes us want to send nudes.


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