Take this quiz to find out what type of person you are on your period


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Take this quiz to find out what type of person you are on your period

We’re on our period for 6.25 YEARS OF OUR LIFE

According to a YouGov poll released today, nearly four in five women feel uncomfortable talking about their periods.

The poll was commissioned by international charity ActionAid, exploring women’s understanding of their periods and men and women’s attitudes about discussing periods. They want to get people talking about periods ahead of World Menstrual Hygiene Day (28th  May), to raise awareness of the millions of women and girls around the world who don’t have access to clean and safe sanitary products.

Even in the UK  there’s still a huge stigma when it comes to periods. One in three women said they wouldn’t discuss periods with male friends, and only one in five women admitted to feeling comfortable talking about periods with their mums or female friends.

From the age 13-51, the average woman has her period  three to seven days a month. That means the average woman has 456 total periods in her life, or roughly 2,280 day. A woman is on her period for 6.25 years of her life. For such a natural and healthy bodily function, it’s sad how there’s so much embarrassment, shame and awkwardness around it.

You wouldn’t hide a paracetamol, but women are mortified if a tampon drops from their bag. You’ll openly moan to colleagues about a headache, but it’s rare to hear people complaining about cramps (which are so much worse, by the way).

How do we expect men and women to be educated about periods when one in five women are afraid to speak about it? ActionAid created this quiz to find out which period persona you are, creating positive role models who celebrate their periods.

Take the quiz here.