We asked girls their most outrageous hickey horror stories and now I’m shook


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We asked girls their most outrageous hickey horror stories and now I’m shook

‘I said I was drunk and fell into the table’

Hickeys are like little badges of honor for your sexual experiences, but sometimes they happen at terrifying times. We asked girls their worst hickey stories and honestly, they’re terrible.

Louisa, 18

When I was 15, I was doing a charity car wash at my church, and the day before the guy I was seeing gave me the biggest hickey. It was right in the middle of my neck so it couldn’t be covered with a scarf or make-up – not that I could even wear a scarf to a charity car wash. My mom was so embarrassed by me.

Cara, 21

I once got a hickey from a one-night stand literally two days before I had to be the maid-of-honor in my sister’s wedding.

Rachel, 22

This guy I was hooking up with decided to give me hickeys all over the back of my neck and shoulders. The shit hurt. I work in a bar so I’m always wearing low cut shirts. I had to work an open to close shift with two private parties with tons of hickeys on my body. To make it worse, he had a girlfriend at the time who I had to see because it was her sorority party I worked.

Sarah, 18

I was hooking up with my neighbor and forgot I had a previous hickey from someone else on my boob. I tried to conceal it but it didn’t work, so I told him, ‘this was you too, you just don’t remember ;)’ But really, it wasn’t him.

Celena, 19

It was freshman year and I went to my first football tailgate knowing I had an interview lined up to work with a professor on her research for the year. I met this guy at the game, we went home together and he gave me the worst hickeys I’ve ever had – like really dark purple and all over my neck and chest.

Monday comes around and they’re still definitely visible, so I wore a turtleneck and a blazer to my interview in 90 degree weather. I was sweating – both from the heat and hoping that my potential new boss wouldn’t pay attention to my choice of dress. I got the job though.

Lucy, 19

One time I was on a night out and a guy gave me a hickey – fine, standard. But the next day, I was in a seminar and we were discussing domestic abuse. I made a point and then my teacher looked at the hickeys, looked at me, and looked down on the floor. Second hand shame.

Julia, 22

I hooked up with a guy who gave me a massive hickey on my neck and broke my lip the night before my Freshman year Parent’s weekend. I went and bought green concealer to cover it up, it was so awful.

Courtney, 21

I hung out with this guy and got massive hickeys all down my arm (don’t ask). They were almost impossible to cover so everybody was asking me if somebody physically hurt me. My mom saw and asked what happened – I said I was drunk and fell into the table.

Melanie, 24

My boyfriend decided to give me a huge hickey near my collar bone the morning we were going to help my mom and step-dad move into their new house. When all the heavy lifting starting making me sweaty, I changed into a tank top. I had totally forgot about the hickey.

My mom pointed it out and I tried to convince her I’d clipped myself while moving a dresser, while my boyfriend stood behind her and laughed.