This artist will turn your nudes into stunning emoji works of art


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This artist will turn your nudes into stunning emoji works of art

Send her ya tits

Welcome to your new favorite corner of the internet, where nipples are free, and emojis are abundant.

Camila Gonzales Corea is a 22 year old turning nudes into art

If you send a nude to The Nipple Act, she’ll create it out of emojis

The Costa Rican artist, currently based in London, did her bachelors degree in cinematography at  MET Film, and is now in doing a masters degree in fine art at Central Saint Martins. She also works as a filmmaker and an artist on the side. 

“It’s funny,” she says, “generally filmmakers in England don’t call themselves artists, but I believe filmmaking is an art, even if it’s narrative. So I’d say I started working as an artist about four years ago.”

We sat down to ask her more about it.

The project acts as a protest within Instagram; it evolves through submissions

My Masters degree dissertation deals exclusively with contemporary feminist topics, so I stumbled upon a lot of writing that talked about feminist cyber activism, as well as the impact these cyber spaces we live in have on modern feminism. I became interested in this way of approaching feminist activism, and this project is basically my first go.

She gets a lot of them

When I started the project, it was great! In general I’m really happy with the amount of people who have decided to get involved. Starting a project that requires audience participation is nerve racking because the success relies on them, and if they don’t like the concept, it’s not going to succeed — especially when you ask them to get naked. Luckily there are so many great people out there who don’t mind getting topless.

It only takes her about three hours to do one 

I run the images through a program, which uses an algorithm to convert them into a flurry of emojis. It takes about three hours per image. At first it took me longer because I was getting used to how the program worked, but now the process is much smoother.

The emojis are chosen by an algorithm 

Emojis are a way of attracting more attention to the project by using modern imagery people are familiar with, as well as something that manages to trick the Instagram algorithm. The positioning and selection of emojis in the images are picked by the algorithm, not me. It chooses whichever emoji comes closets in terms of color to the pixels in the image, but its really funny what it sometimes chooses.

In many of the images there are lots of devil emojis in the nipples themselves and I find those sort of coincides really funny.

She’s gotten photos from girls aged 18 – 60

People write to me all the time saying how they think projects like these one are so important in the age of social media. It’s also been very interesting how I’ve gotten submissions from all ages, you’d think perhaps older people would be more reluctant to send topless photos to a person online they don’t know, but it’s not like that.

I’ve gotten photos from the 18 year old girl who’s sending me her first ever naked pic all the way to the 60 year old lady from back home. So great, I love it.

She sees the project as organizing a protest in the street

The difference is that the resistance exists within the digital platform. With any other protest the aim is to bring the problem to the public eye, as well as creating discussion around the topic — the topic this time being the extreme sexualization of the female nipple. 

She’s begun selling them

I’m printing selected images from the project as large scale prints and putting them up in galleries for sale, so what started as a digital protest has now taken physical form. I guess it’s my way of trying to gain as much exposure as possible.

How can people submit? 

Any female identifying person over the age of 18 can submit their images. I’ve been asked if size or shape matters — it does not, every boob is a perfect fit for the project. 

Email nudes to me, or send them to me through Instagram private message, either to @thenippleacttt account or my personal account @camilagc. Alternatively I’ve also set up a Tumblr  where you can send them in a more anonymous way.

If/When the account is banned, it will return immediately under the same name with repeated letters on the end of the url — hence its current handle, thenippleacttt.