Why do guys call girls sluts?


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Why do guys call girls sluts?

If you wear shorts you’re a slut, sorry

Every girl has probably been called a slut at some point in her life, whether she’s aware of it or not. Every girl has also probably called another girl a slut, whether she’d like to admit it or not.

I know I have, but Ms. Norbury told us to “stop calling each other sluts and whores” because “it just makes it OK for guys to call you sluts and whores,” and I’ve changed my ways.

Most guys have not. So when I heard guys call girls sluts based off one Instagram picture. I was instantly confused — they looked hot and I wish I had their ass, why was she a slut?

Instead of going on any sort of rant, I stayed calm and asked him the burning question — why do guys call girls sluts?

According to a fuckboy, it’s ok to call girls sluts if:

She’s promiscuous

“I guess a slut just means promiscuous nowadays.”

She wears UGGs and drinks PSLs

“It’s usually the basic bitches who wear Uggs and drink PSLs who are most commonly associated with being sluts.”

She sucks dick at frat parties

“They are the girls who probably suck dick at frat parties.”

She wears shorts

“Sometimes all a girl has to do is be wearing short shorts and get called a slut, but it’s usually more obvious than that.”

She wears clothing with an American flag on it

“For example, sluts at a frat party will be wearing some form of cut off American flag clothing.”

She pulls her shorts up high

“Or jeans shorts that are pulled up too high to increase mobility.”

She wears wedges with cut off shorts

“Sometimes sluts will wear wedges with jean cut off shorts.”

She wears white Converse

“But they are usually wearing white Converse.”

She’ll take a drink that’s offered to her

“Sluts are the ones who are always taking whatever drink is offered by a frat bro.”

She does keg stands

“Sluts do keg stands…”

She plays drinking games

…and play drinking games.”

Her beer pong partner is a guy

“Like if a guy is your partner in beer pong you are probably going to hook up with him, meaning you’re probably a slut.”

She’s made out with other girls

“Sluts can also be the girls who are coerced into making out with other girls.”

She owns yoga pants

“Attention whores — or attention sluts — are the girls who own yoga pants…”

She works out her ass

“…and only work out their ass at the gym”

She takes pictures at the gym

“Oh, and the workout doesn’t count if you don’t take a picture.”

She posts pictures of her body

“If you post Instagram pictures clearly showing off your ass, you’re a slut.”

She will use a creative caption to make it less obvious it’s to show off her body

“Especially if you try and make it seem less obvious, everyone knows you’re trying to show off your ass.”

She uses the hashtag #views

“Like posing in front of a landscape and adding the hashtag #views.”

Her friends comment fire emojis on her photos

“A slut’s girlfriends will comment on her photo with a bunch of fire emojis telling her how hot she is.”

She has 100 second Snapchat stories

“Snapchat sluts are all about the 100 second stories.”

She post Snaps of her drinking

“Their photos are just lots of duckfacing and drinking. It’s absolutely nothing other than an opportunity to show off.”

She woo’s

“You know, the girls who take selfie videos on a night out and just ‘wooooo’.”

She goes down on a guy first

“So if girls go straight to head — especially if they go down on him first — they’re considered a slut.”

She doesn’t want to get with a guy

“Guys will call a girl a slut if she doesn’t want to get with him…”

But gets with the guy she actually likes

“…but will then get with another guy. They take it as a personal attack.”

She’s secretly freaky

“A girl who isn’t an obvious slut, but has an itch inside her to be a freak.”

She flirts with guys 

“She’ll flirt with a guy until the point where something could happen…”

She tells a guy ‘no’

“…but then they are like ‘no’ and won’t go through with it.”

She kisses guys

“Or they will just kiss guys and not do much more — those are the make out sluts.”

She is looking for love

“You can be flirtatious and be perceived as a slut, or you could be trying to find love and be perceived as a slut.”

She does literally anything

Guess I’m a massive slut. Oh, well.

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