We sent Tinder matches our wedding Pinterest boards and they liked it???


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We sent Tinder matches our wedding Pinterest boards and they liked it???

They were so cool with it we could tie the knot this weekend

Based on my past experiences with young guys, I was sure even the word “wedding” makes them run away. Even if you’re talking about your second-cousin who’s 45 and has two kids and is renewing her vows –  he doesn’t want to hear it. Being married? Haha, that’s for dads!

On the other hand, I know plenty of girls who talk weddings all the time. They may not be planning or even looking forward to their’s, but it’s a thing they talk about. And even if you don’t have a Pinterest wedding board, you know a bitch who does.

I decided to send my Pinterest wedding board to guys on Tinder to see if all guys are truly marriage averse –  especially before the first date. And the results were shocking.

First, there was the guy who was just ready to get married right off the bat

I sent it twice and somehow he still wasn’t freaked out.

Then there was the guy who knew EXACTLY how to compliment me

Like hell yeah, I’m gonna be the breadwinner.

There was the guy who was slightly skeptical – but not skeptical enough to ask me out

“Oh yeah, your idea of flirting is showing me wedding dresses? That’s totally normal!”

There was the guy who ‘didn’t mind’

Didn’t mind a total stranger was sharing flower arrangements with him haha weird.

The guy who decided to avoid the topic

But STILL didn’t give up!

The guy who said no to marriage but not no to drinks

Apparently it’s hard to say no to me, even five messages in to our conversation.

There was the guy who thought my wedding ideas were ‘cute’

Aww, then he asked me if I was an intern! How degrading.

And the guy who didn’t know how to respond

So he responded with a seal GIF. Honestly, the most normal.

Conclusion: Everyone’s semi-accepting answers freaked me out

Maybe single guys are really just looking for true love. Or maybe guys on Tinder are desperate enough to fuck crazy. Or maybe I am just super hot – yeah, I guess I’ll go with that.