You probably have ‘dickdar’ and you don’t even know what it is yet


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You probably have ‘dickdar’ and you don’t even know what it is yet


Look, I didn’t ask to be born with The Sight. Like so many gifted geniuses, my own blessings can also be curses. Dickdar, for example, is a something most women are born with and it can help or hurt us depending on how we wield it — like a Ring of power or a well-timed titty pic. A quick definition:

Dickdar is knowing exactly how a dude’s dick is gonna be before you even see it.

Think about it. Have you ever been truly shocked by a dick, or could you more or less tell how it was going to be before he even thought about shedding those khaki Dockers you wish he’d lose in a house fire?

Attribute it to a woman’s heightened sense of perception, honed over centuries of attempting to avoid entrapment by predators (i.e. men). We’ve learned to subconsciously pick up on a guy’s movement, stance and subtle body language to detect like so much genitalia radar exactly how big of a package UPS (United Penis Service omg I’m so sorry I couldn’t resist) is about to deliver.

We pick up on everything from the way a guy walks (big-dick dudes are always more confident and take longer, loping strides) to minor things like hand and foot size (sorry Trump :((( ).

Abi and Ilana perfectly demonstrated it on Broad City when they trained their eyes on the prize (loose-fitting basketball shorts) to see what they were up against:

As great as it is to always have a general idea of the dicking you’re about to receive, the downside is the possibility of ruling a guy out as a potential match based on what you’ll inevitably find down there. I’ve already detailed exactly why you size queens are making a grave error, but even if you’re adamant about guys being at least 7.5″ to ride your ride, at least now you’ll save yourself some time.