This is what your star sign says about the way you fuck


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This is what your star sign says about the way you fuck

Gemini boutta break your bed


You are super into cry babies, but those cry babies almost always fall head over heels for you because of the way you bang. You’re pretty fucked up, and you definitely considering arguing foreplay. You’re the type to start a fight with someone just to get turned on.

Because you’re a fire sign you have a high sex drive, but your mood for sex can change from one minute to the next. That said, you usually prefer hot sex to vanilla. One thing is for sure, you like being the one in charge. Guess that’s why you go after the weak boys. Your ideal partner is a Sagittarius you can push around. Little bitches.


Every Taurus is turned on by compulsive liars, whether they know it or not, and compulsive liars seem like the kind who would’d be fun in bed. You’re sensual beyond imagination, and even better, you have the stamina to match. Nobody is going to catch you taking a break between rounds. You’d rather have sex with one person multiple times, than multiple people one time, but that’s probably because the more you sleep with someone, the more they warm up to your aggressive ways. You’re the reverse cowgirl type.

Your ideal partner is a Leo.


You always go for the hoes because you’re not here for all that love anyway. You avoid getting deeply involved in love affairs, and because of this, you’d rather sleep with multiple people once, than one person multiple times. I’ll put it this way — you’re an absolute fucking freak in bed. Most people think you’re a coldhearted bitch because you’re the type to hit it and quit it, but fuck what they think anyway.

Your ideal partner is an Aquarius who will let you put them on a leash or some shit.


You are a low-key hoe, super turned on by inconsiderate assholes. Because you only ever fall for people who treat you like shit, it’s no surprise you like being treated like shit in bed too. You’re into all the hitting and choking, but you’re often one to return the favor. You’re the type to show off sex bruises at a shitty house party the next day. However, outside of the bedroom you don’t mess with being fucked around.

Your ideal partner is a Pisces, because fuckboys fall for fuckboys.


You are all about performative sex, and you love dressing up, even if it’s just in sexy lingerie. You’re the type to make up scenarios for yourself in your head if your partner isn’t into all of the drama. Sometimes it freaks others out, but that’s why you mostly only fall for cocky, conceited people who aren’t too shy to join in on your weird fucking games.

You’ll get it on any time in the day, lights blaring, any location. Your ideal partner is a Taurus. You fucking freak.


Everyone is always acting like Virgos are innocent because your sign is often associated with pureness, but it’s just not true – you’re actually quite sensual compared to a number of other signs.

Your mantra is practice makes perfect, which is definitely not the mantra of someone inexperienced. You expect other people to have the same mantra, which makes it seem like you have a bit of an ego when it comes to sex, but what’s wrong with wanting perfection from everyone? That said, you always end up falling for messy, unstable people. Your ideal partner is a Libra. Good luck with that.


No offense but Libras are relationship people, so you can just stop reading now.

Kidding. You have this need to be with someone, so when you end one relationship you hop right into the next, but that makes for a well seasoned lover. You’re not big on one night stands because they often feel hollow, and because of this, your ideal partner is a Virgo who is often also looking for the right person to balance them out.

You’re an air sign, so you won’t fuck someone who doesn’t stimulate you mentally, and that makes you come off as a bit pretentious in the sac. But when you strike the right balance, the sex is fire. You understand the art of giving, so you please your partners, but you also understand what you’re worth. You’re the type to look someone dead in the eyes while you fuck.


Ugh, you get such a bad rap. You’re not innocent at all, but you fall for innocent people. You’re the most mysterious of all signs in bed, and you like to keep your partners guessing what you’re into. You’re not big on feelings, so pillow talk really isn’t your thing – you’d rather keep all your secrets in the dark. But hey, it’s not like that’s wildly unhealthy or anything!

Doggy is your style, and your ideal partner is a Capricorn.


A damsel in distress, you would totally fall for your boss. You’re turned on by people who have power over you, especially in the professional world. You like it when someone else takes charge in life and in bed, and you’re happy being pushed around as long as you feel like you’re gaining something from it — status, perhaps? You also thrive off the secretive aspect of it all, and have a particularly high sex drive. Bet you fantasize about fucking at work.

Your ideal partner is an Aries. They’re always willing to order someone around in bed.


You’re kind of a little bitch and fall in love with every single person you sleep with, but it’s also kind of cute. everyone thinks Virgos are the innocent ones, but you take the cry-baby cake. You’re always on the hunt for true love, but you usually leave your slam sessions with a semi-broken heart. You’re passionate and also into trying new things, but you’re secretly always worrying you’re in it for more than just sex.

Content with missionary I see. Your ideal partner is a scorpio.


You’re a Tinder hoe. The kind of girl who will text someone for the first time on a night out and meet up with their friends. You’re super into goofy guys, but be careful, you never know when one of these randoms is going to be a creep. Your heart is in the right place, and you look for love in sex, but there are too many fish in the sea for you and your saucy self to stay put. Always on to the next.

You’re a bang, bounce and out kind of girl, but that keeps people interested. Too bad you’re not interested back.

Your ideal partner is a Gemini.


You’re an emotional fuckboy who falls for other emotional fuckboys. You’re the type to enjoy pillow talk about Kierkegaard, but all that aside, sex with you is truly magical. Pisces know how to satisfy their partners, and it’s ultimately more important to them than getting off themselves. You’ll go down on someone just to seem more well-rounded. Sex with you isn’t an event, it’s an experience. You’re extremely good at seducing people, and you draw them in by charming them with words.

Your ideal partner is a Cancer willing to put up with your fuck-ish ways.

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