Just a list of times Kylie Jenner straight up stole her look from the Black community


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Just a list of times Kylie Jenner straight up stole her look from the Black community

Kylie, we know black culture is lit – but could we at least get some credit?

Stealing lips, fake hips and a big ass wasn’t enough for Kylie. She recently straight up stole an entire camouflage-influenced bikini line from a Black designer. But before we get to that, let’s go down the list of times Kylie Jenner straight up stole her look from the Black community.


Ginger Lips @kyliecosmetics

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It all started with her lips. She had small-lipped girls over drawing their lip liner, praying to the Black Gods that they would magically be blessed with perfectly plump kissers. The same lips that Black girls have been made fun of for years were now a “thing.”



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Du-rags are typically worn by Black men to preserve their hair cut and to keep their hair laying flat. The du-rag dates back to slavery, when men and women would wear scarves on their heads to keep their hair out of their faces while working. Rappers and athletes popularized them again in the ’90s, wearing them as a fashion statement. To say Kylie started this trend is a smack in the face to an entire culture that were seen as thugs and gangsters for wearing a piece of cloth on their head.


Cosmo referred to the Teen Vogue cover where Kylie wore dreadlocks as “hippy dippy.” That seems like a far cry from when Giuliana Rancic said Zendaya smelled like patchouli oil for the same exact hairstyle. But Kylie can do no wrong, she couldn’t just stick to appropriating Black American culture, she wanted to get spicy and steal from the Rastafarian culture that derives from the island of Jamaica. But, I can’t let Kylie completely take the fall for this one, whoever styled her for that Teen Vogue shoot should be sent to some African Diaspora classes.


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However, some of her personal hair choices are just as problematic. Like the time she tried to rock a head of red corn rows — as though that’s not one of the most popular Black hairstyles on the planet.


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I remember wearing my first pair of large hoop earrings. I was about 10 years old, and I could fit my entire arm through them. But just a few days ago, E! News gave Kylie Jenner credit for starting the hoop trend. Stop giving this unoriginal girl so much credit!

This is just another ‘trend’ that is considered ghetto until a Kardashian wears it. You can’t tell me I wasn’t rocking hoop earrings, a huge natural bun, and my jelly sandals in the 4th grade.


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Next up are her nails. Sure, Kylie’s nails are all the rave, but she didn’t just come up with this amazing concept on her own. Long nails with multiple colors and designs were only worn by “ghetto Black girls,” whom were often seen as poor and not suited for corporate settings. Like, since when did white girls in suburbs rock long coffin nails with rhinestones? They don’t even know that their adorned reality-star idol ripped this look from Black culture.


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There is some debate of where Grillz or teeth jewelry originated, but one thing I know for sure is that this trend wasn’t started by a rich white reality star who grew up in LA. Many people credit New York’s Eddie Plein (owner of Eddie’s Gold Teeth) for starting the trend, outfitting many New York rappers in the ’80s. Southern rappers repopularize the trend in the early 2000s. Back when the Hot Boyz had every woman twerking to “Back That Ass Up” and Lil Wayne was just a teenager trying to make it in the rap game.

But again, none of that ever happened! Grillz were invented and popularized by Kylie.

Camo swimsuit

Yesterday, Kylie released her new camo swimsuit line and media outlets immediately fell in love. Perez Hilton told us, “Kylie Jenner is trying to make camo bikinis a thing.”

Of course, Black Twitter went off and reminded him that Destiny’s Child wore camo bikinis 16 years ago in their “Survivor” video. Kylie’s unoriginal ass didn’t only steal from the best R&B group of the ’90s, she totally ripped off PluggedNYC.

The owner of Plugged NYC posted e-mails between her and Kylie’s team, proving that Kylie purchased her swimsuits and then replicated them. That is flat out STEALING!

Damn, Kylie, you didn’t even want to change the color or print? Everyone knows that when you plagiarize you should at least change some words around.

Listen, we know Black culture is lit — but could we at least get some credit?