You will never be able to unsee this hairy one piece


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You will never be able to unsee this hairy one piece

I’m not even sorry

Listen, I’m all about people doing whatever they want to their body hair. Shave it, grow it out, wax it, dye it, go wild. Summer is basically here and being comfortable in your body — body hair and all — is the way to go.

But this, THIS I just can’t handle.

It’s one piece, but hairy. Not even a woman’s hair — a man’s.

The company Beloved Shirts has launched a ‘sexy’ one piece swimsuit that is designed to look like like your man’s chest hair and “make the pool boy say WTF.”

The hairy suit is available in a range of skin tones and costs $45 fucking dollars, which is how much some girls pay to get rid of body hair.

From a quick scroll down their Instagram, it seems coming up with wild ideas to print on clothes is a thing Beloved Shirts do best, and while I’d totally rock a Patrick from Spongebob top, this is something I just can’t get on board with.

Because I’m not about to wear a man’s nipples on my body until I can freely display my own.

And now I have to live with this image in my head forever and so do you.