‘Donald Trump, sashay away’: The best signs from this weekend’s Resist March


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‘Donald Trump, sashay away’: The best signs from this weekend’s Resist March

Obviously there were a lot of Babadooks

If you didn’t notice that June was Pride month, then that’s understandable – POTUS didn’t even mention it after all. Breaking from years of tradition set by his predecessor, Trump instead chose to honour different causes this month, including Caribbean-American heritage, African-American music, homeownership, the outdoors and the ocean (despite pulling out of the Paris agreement and generally not giving a fuck about climate change).

But don’t worry, this weekend thousands marched for equality for LGBT people in the Resist Marches which took place across America. One participant, Daniel Dunlop, told the BBC: “We are here to stand and be counted. There’s a growing hostile rhetoric from the White House and we don’t like the point of direction.” Basically, nobody gives a fuck what Trump thinks.

And obviously, like the women’s march before it, the event had some really terrific signage.

On the streets with @princetonpacino #pride #gaypride #lapride2017

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Love Trumps Covfefe #ResistMarch

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Sharing the day with my brothers, my sisters and our allies. #resistmarch #loveeachother #notmypresident #auntiemaxine

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LA Pride was so much fun and it made me super happy to see a gigantic group of the lgbtq+ and straight allies just enjoying being themselves and being proud of who they are. The positive energy brought an immense joy to my heart. But it still makes me sad that a lot of lgbtq people haven't come out and can't express themselves because of conflicts with family and things like that, that's why I marched today.. to resist. I hope you beautiful souls have the courage and bravery to come out some day, I'm not rushing you though, take all the time you need♥️. And remember.. if Harry Potter taught us anything it's that nobody deserves to live in a closet :) June 11, 2017 #LAPride #LAPride2017 #ResistMarch #maythepridebewithyou

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Incredible. The best. We find THE BEST SIGNS. No signs better than these signs. #ResistMarch (?: @fentonjbailey)

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some of my favorite signs ?️‍? #resistmarch

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So that's what covfefe mean! (via @sarahsophief) #covfefe

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Baba-shewk-shewk-shewk. #resistmarch #HappyPride

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