Here’s a recap of every single Yearbook episode so far


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Here’s a recap of every single Yearbook episode so far

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Yearbook‘s first series follows a group of high school juniors through texts. The story takes an interesting turn for the worse when a member of the group goes missing during prom.

Here is a quick recap of what has happened so far:

Episode 1 – Accidental Double-Tap

Sarah accidentally likes one of her crush’s (Tom) seven month old pictures on Instagram, and she’s freaking out like any girl would. Just as her friends talk her into blocking him (to save herself anymore embarrassment), notifications from Instagram reveal Tom has returned the favor and liked some of Sarah’s pictures as well.

Episode 2 – Guys, Look Who Just Asked Me To Prom…

Keith asks Sarah to prom, but she has her eyes set on Tom. Keith is a weird art kid, and going to prom with him is social suicide. When Emma reveals that Tom has asked Courtney to prom, Sarah decides to go with Keith to avoid having to attend the dance solo. 

Episode 3 – Guys, She Got The Same Dress As Me…

Courtney posts a picture of a possible dress choice for prom. Sarah is freaking out because she already purchased the same exact dress. She already has a lame date, now this? She decides to confront Courtney (with the help of her crew) and asks Courtney where she purchased the dress. Courtney tells Sarah that she was just trying it on and her mom wouldn’t let her buy it because it looked cheap. Poor Sarah, Courtney threw shade without even trying.

Episode 4 – A Prom They’ll Never Forget

Prom has finally arrived! Taylor invites the group to the woods to share a bottle of vodka. Of course everyone is down for the turn up. Sarah tells the group that her phone is about to die and she will meet them there.

She gets a text from Brandon’s phone in which Taylor says that she lost her phone at prom and is heading back to Brandon’s house with him. So who was the “Taylor” in the chat? Meanwhile, everyone else in the chat is on their way to meet the fake imposter “Taylor” in the woods. Just as Sarah is typing to warn the group that “Taylor” is not the real Taylor, her phone dies.

Episode 5 – A Prom They’ll Never Forget (Part 2)

Sarah’s phone is back on. She receives an alert notification stating “High School prom shut down, two students missing.” Sarah creates a new group chat with Emma, Vanessa, Brandon, and Jess. Sarah finds out the everyone in the group is OK.

They all ran back to the school after hearing screaming in the woods. Sarah tells her friends that someone is playing a “sick joke” on Taylor’s phone and tried to coerce them all to the woods. Taylor is using Brandon’s phone to talk to her friends. Everyone plans to meet up until they realize Jess is missing. Sarah calls Jess and the call goes straight to voicemail. The creepy imposter “Taylor” texts Sarah a “Hello” and a smiley face. :)

Episode 6 – I Want You To Come Down To the Woods

Everyone is scared and confused. Keith checks on Sarah to make sure she is safe. She is frantically trying to find Jess. “Taylor” wants Sarah to meet her in the woods. Sarah says she is calling the police and “Taylor” threatens the life of Jess if Sarah tries to get help.

Brandon tells the group that the police released the names of the missing students, Keith and Jess.

Episode 7 – Stop Playing Stupid

How could Keith be missing? He just checked in with Sarah. Could Keith be the one behind this whole thing? Brandon tells the group that they saw this story on the news.

Sarah confronts Keith, accusing him of stealing Taylor’s phone and kidnaping Jess. He pleads his innocence. He tells Sarah he is home and doesn’t know what she is talking about. She knows he is lying and decides to go to the woods to confront him in person.

Episode 8 – Why Did They Lie…

Jess texts Sarah.

She tells her she ran from the woods when she realized it was a trap. She was lost in the woods and her phone died. Jess was not kidnapped. Keith comes back to the school and is in the gym with Emma And Vanessa. Sarah realizes that Keith is innocent.

A new text group is created with Jess, Vanessa, Emma, and Sarah. Jess tells the group that she is safe. Sarah questions why Brandon lied about Jess and Keith being missing. Jess asks if anyone has heard from Taylor (not via Brandon’s phone) all night. They all reply no, is Taylor in danger? Is Brandon the culprit?

Episode 9 -You’re taking too long

The group comes to the realization that Brandon has taken Taylor. Meanwhile, Brandon tells Sarah that she’s taking too long to come down to the woods.

Jess decides that she’s going to call the police. Emma tells Sarah to keep talking to Brandon to make him think she’ll be going to the woods. As Sarah begins to speak with Brandon, Sarah is alerted via Twitter that a body has been discovered by the woods.

Episode 10 – The penultimate episode

Brandon has killed Taylor. Sarah decides to take matters into her own hands because the police will act too slowly. Her plan is to go down to the woods, and with the help of Emma, catch Brandon herself.

Sarah goes down to the woods and tells Brandon to meet her by the old shed. Sarah texts Emma the location but because she’s in the woods, she has no service. The messages don’t deliver to Emma and Sarah sees Brandon in the woods.

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