Everyone is hating on this new armpit tattoo trend, but some of them are really cute


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Everyone is hating on this new armpit tattoo trend, but some of them are really cute

It’s like a tiny secret

It seems as if overnight, Instagram has been inundated with more than 7,000 armpit tattoo hashtags — and people cannot get a grasp on what’s going on.

Got to tattoo my first armpit today. Thanks so much Ally!!

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A lot of people have jumped straight to the conclusion they’re just the newest “stupid” obsession to come in and out of style, but we think a lot of them are actually super cute.

Ermagurd I love you @__sundaymorning ! We will miss you and your sexy armpits. See ya next month though! #sarahdeazevedo #onitattoogallery #avocado #armpittattoos #nochicks #inthepit #traditionaltattoos #ladytattooers #girlswithtattoos #girlytattoos

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In a world where people are constantly judged by appearances, they’re like little badges of resistance you can keep hush-hush about, because, unless you’re standing on a subway and holding the railing above you, nobody would ever even suspect you have one.

It’s like a secret only you, your significant other and all of your morning commute buddies know about.

Flowers seem to be a recurring trend

Right I the sweet spot on Alaina by @disintegrationxvx she's still got a few spots left this week peeps! ?

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Finished this rose today! Lines are healed. Thanks for looking!! #armpittattoo

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#armpittattoo #tattoo #eastbaytattoo

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Done yesterday by @gorgeousgeorge #johnstreettattoo #guestspot #armpittattoo

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And some are just reminders that your body is your own

But whatever you choose, it’s bound to look cute

Just be warned: Underarm tattoos are some of the most painful ones. Areas with less fat hurt the most to have tattooed, which is why you’ll have artists warn you about getting a rib or spine tattoo as your first one.

Fleshier areas hurt the least, so if you’re looking to try out a secret tattoo somewhere, perhaps try your butt or your inner thighs first, and then decide if you’re brave enough for an armpit one.

Happy waxing.


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