Everybody be calm, but I think Bella Hadid and Drake are dating


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Everybody be calm, but I think Bella Hadid and Drake are dating

Are you even that shocked though?

Jennifer Lopez is on #baecation in Paris with her new catch Alex Rodriguez. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd legitimately attached at the hip. Rhianna’s running as fast as humanly possibly in the other direction.

It makes sense Drake and Bella Hadid might join together in mutual misery.

I know it seems like just last week everyone was buzzing bout Hadid’s potential new model boyfriend Jordan Kale Barrett — and that’s because it was last week. But Hadid has since dispelled that rumor.

“J is like a brother to me,” she said when fans started pointing out they seemed like a cute couple.

Catch up on them Zzzzz's …

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Photogenic siblings, if nothing else.

But it wasn’t until last night that we were sure Drake and Hadid were spending time one on one.

The two were pictured leaving a night club after partying together, and they were even wearing coordinating outfits.

Nothing says blooming romance like matching biker shirts. And let’s be honest, the two of them would.


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