This is what it feels like to have sex on different drugs


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This is what it feels like to have sex on different drugs

Don’t try this at home

Ke$ha says that love is a drug, but what happens to your body when you have sex on drugs?

According to the CDC, about 10 percent of the population uses illegal drugs. For the other 90 percent of us, we asked our readers what sex feels like on different drugs.

Please literally don’t try any of this at home or I WILL call the cops on you, xoxo.


“Having sex on weed is just super fun. Everything is amplified – skin feels soft and warm. Pleasure feels overwhelming. It’s super cool.” — Danielle, 21


“Sex on poppers is excellent if you can manage to keep your focus. Very underrated.” — Kayla, 21


“Sex on coke is torture because it makes you unbelievably horny while killing your ability to actually come. There’s a 99 percent chance you’ll be insanely bruised the next day and a 100 percent chance of mass sexual frustration.” — Kara, 20

“Coke is good but it dries your mouth so much that is hard to give head so you end up going in straight for the sex, but that said, the sex is really good because you’re all energized and ready to like basically wrestle.” — May, 22


“When I was having sex on Acid, I was so fascinated by everything. I was so fascinated by every curve and mark on my girlfriend’s skin. I caught myself trailing off and staring at patterns that would spiral on her back, almost forgetting about the fact we were about to have sex. When it came to that, everything happened with ease and intensity I found myself thinking we had never connected like that before. It was amazing.” — Sierra, 19


“Having sex on ecstasy will ruin your life — it will never feel the same. It feels like everything is on fire and you are higher then you’ve ever been. It’s crazy.” — Emma, 20

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“I really love having sex on Oxy. It makes you feel so tingly, like your whole body is warm and kind of vibrating even when you’re just laying there. So of course, it makes sex — especially oral — a lot better. it makes your skin extra sensitive and every touch feels amazing.” — Miranda, 25


“Having sex on PCP is like being in a different world. You kind of feel outside yourself and everything is magnified. It’s a spiritual experience. I’ve had my most animalistic, crazy sex on PCP.” — Lizzie, 20

Crystal Meth

“Sex on Meth was definitely really good. basically feels like coke except the high last longer. Only issue is it’s hard to fall asleep, so you end up just having a lot of sex.” — Sarah, 23

Basically, it seems like sex on drugs can be a bunch of things. But you know the only thing drugs are? Bad, m’kay??

If you feel you have a substance abuse problem, please call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration‘s national helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).