This sculpture of nude Kate Moss is fucking terrifying


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This sculpture of nude Kate Moss is fucking terrifying

This sculpture has seen things

Kate Moss: Model, muse, icon in literally every way, and now limbless piece of art.

Yesterday, a nude sculpture of the supermodel by artist Edgar Askelovic was unveiled at the London Opera Gallery.

The “hyperrealistic” sculpture took four months to complete and is supposed to depict Moss as the Venus de Milo.

And it’s fucking terrifying

Does it feel like it’s looking deep into your soul? Because it probably is.

It doesn’t even look like her

Real Kate Moss is a beaming light of angled perfection. This sculpture is trash.

Spot the difference

Her face is three shades darker than the rest of her half-body

I suck at makeup and I know this is not my girl’s correct shade of foundation.

Also, what is this one shorter leg doing?


What about this line at her hips? What the hell is it for?

And if she’s supposed to be nude, where the fuck is her vagina?

And if all of that’s not creepy enough, it’s also entitled ‘MILF’

Kill me now.

HuffPo described the sculpture as “someone you could meet down at the local bar”.

If you ever do, run.