You’ve probably been putting your bra on wrong for your entire life


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You’ve probably been putting your bra on wrong for your entire life

I honestly never even thought there was another way

I can’t really laugh about a guy not being able to unclip my bra while hooking up, because even I cheat. We all do.

It’s a part of the routine: Select the bra that looks cleanest, strap it to your back, clip from the front and then swivel it around. Swoop your arms into the hole, and you’re ready to head out for another mind-numbingly hollow day.

According to lingerie expert, Aliza Reger, if you’ve been clipping from the front you haven’t been presenting your “best self.” If your boobs are already flat and malformed like mine then you’re probably fine but if not, you could be helping yourself look fuller and better-shaped by clipping from the back.

There’s a technique to it, she explains: “Put both arms through the straps, put the straps on your shoulders, bend down and let your boobs fall into the cups. (Shaking your chest helps here.)

“When they are inside the cups, come back up and reach behind to fasten, you may need a bit of practice to do this. This should cause a better shape than doing it front to back.”

She also said we’re not supposed to wear the same bra day after day — “You don’t wear one pair of shoes all the time so why would you wear one bra?” — but I’m thinking baby steps. Let’s not push the envelope now.

So tomorrow when you wake up, try clipping from the back. You may have to allot yourself an extra half-hour of readying time, but apparently it’s worth it.


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