Hot tips on how to be a spicy lil hoe this summer


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Hot tips on how to be a spicy lil hoe this summer

Get that thick dick

From how to moisturize to scheduling your dick appointments for optimum productivity, Twitter's #hoetips is there for you aspiring lil hoes.

Rihanna might be settling down with a new man, but the season of the summer hoe is upon us and we're ready for it.

Here are the best hoe tips to have a saucy summer.

He fucks with you? Double fuck with him

Use boys' complete and utter ignorance of female orgasms to your advantage

Plan dick appointments productively

Never pay for an Uber ever again

Only stick to thicc dicc

Embrace period sex like a true hoe

Learn some new techniques

Perform full on identity fraud when it all gets too much

Keep your make-up slick during and after your dick appointment

Remember to look after yourself through the hoe-ing

Forget shirts and wear bralettes as tops

Don't have time in between all the dick? Work with what you have

And above all, do as Rihanna and get yourself some rich dick

Happy hoe-ing!

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