Here’s how to actually get rid of glitter that’s been all over your body for weeks


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Here’s how to actually get rid of glitter that’s been all over your body for weeks

An expert explains how to successfully take off glitter

Glitter should be applied liberally, in a mixture of shades and textures and on every surface possible. But no matter how much you try to take it off, your pillow will be splattered with it the next morning and you’ll find little sparkly reminders everywhere for weeks to come.

But what if there was a knack to removing glitter that everyone’s missing? babe spoke to makeup artist and glitter specialist Jessica Cheetham to find the best way to do it.

Apply glitter with a gel to make sure it comes off easier

Apparently application is key when it comes to remove glitter. Vaseline is more sticky, so Jess suggests using Aloe Vera or Olive Oil gel, adding “it’s better for your skin too!”

Hot water is best for removing glitter and masking tape also works, but face wipes are the worst

“Ideally, the best way to remove glitter is to get in a hot shower and wash your face,” said Jess. “At a festival, your best bet is just to put more glitter on top, but otherwise I’d recommend using a face wash and masking tape to remove the residue.”

Another method worth trying is rubbing coconut oil on your face in circular motions and removing the residue with a face wipe.

Avoid face wipes alone — they only spread glitter around your skin

“Unless you’ve already used face wash, there’s not much point using face wipes,” Jess said. “They’ll only push the glitter around your skin and won’t make much difference.”

Use an oil to remove those annoying specks from your hair or beard

“Take the best premium grade olive oil you have on hand, lather it all over your scalp, and massage for deep conditioning,” says Yoav Tauber, general manager of the Jose Eber Salon in Millburn, N.J. “After 10 minutes, rinse. Your hair will be glitter-free and feel silky smooth.”

Stick to chunky glitters if you want them to come off easier

“They look wicked and wipe right off,” said Jess, “while fine grained glitters really get stuck on the skin for days.”

Used oil-based products to get glitter color residue off your skin

Jess recommends massaging an oil-based make up remover onto your skin to remove those dots that colored glitter can leave.

Use hairspray to get glitter off clothing

While many suggest using lint rollers or masking tape, Kidspot told InStyle the best way of removing glitter was as simple as an aerosol hairspray. They said: “Simply spray sparkle-covered clothing with aerosol hairspray, let dry, and then wash (by itself, or the glitter will just reappear on the other items in the load).”