Watch Snoop Dogg defend Blac Chyna in a video he posted about ‘this mess’


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Watch Snoop Dogg defend Blac Chyna in a video he posted about ‘this mess’

‘Quit crying to the internet’

As if you haven’t already heard about it, the internet exploded this morning over Rob Kardashian posting revenge porn of Blac Chyna all over his Instagram.

Rob’s latest social media rant accuses Chyna for allegedly cheating on him with another man in their house. He posted several full nudes of Chyna with vulgar captions about her supposed infidelity. Even after numerous attempts by Instagram to take down the images, Rob continued to repost, each time with a new caption calling Chyna out.

A handful of celebrities and public figures have gotten involved, leaving comments on Rob’s posts or taking to social media to share their opinions. Among them is the D-O-double G himself, who recorded a video sharing his thoughts.

“Man, would y’all get off my line with all this mess between Blac Chyna and Rob? That’s they business, man. He knew what he was getting into when he got her. She is what she is, she was what she was, man. Quit crying to the internet, n****. You got more money to burn, go buy you another one. Blac Chyna just did what she supposed to do. She seen a sucker and she licked it.”

While not directly taking a side, Snoop has come to Chyna’s defense, claiming that Rob was fully aware of what was to come from being in a relationship with her. Snoop suggests that Rob stop complaining on social media and find “another one” to replace Chyna.

As for his closing statement, I think I’ve found my new life motto:

“For all you suckers out there, don’t get licked, do the licking.”