We asked babe readers to tell us why they love their ‘bikini body’


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We asked babe readers to tell us why they love their ‘bikini body’

Because every body is beautiful

Sometimes society tries to make us feel like we need a “beach body” to rock a bikini. But babe readers know better. Every body is a beach body and every body is beautiful – even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.

22 babe readers told us why they feel confident in their “bikini bodies,” and their responses will have you pulling that VS pushup top out of your closet:


“My journey to self love is tiring and seems endless at times, but the motto I try to live by is to stop comparing my body to others. Someone else’s fire booty or flat stomach doesn’t take away from the positive aspects of yours! And if we’re working on becoming the best versions of ourselves mentally and physically then why hate or feel ashamed of our bodies compared to others?

“I’m short, my belly plops out and my thighs jiggle in bikini season and I’m tired of being ashamed of that. While I’m upset about my big thighs maybe another girl is wishing for them. Bottom line is everyone’s struggling to love themselves and it would be easier on all of us if we are nice to one another.”

Meghan, 26

“I finally feel confident in my bikini! Fun and freedom are better feelings than fear and doubt, so I’ve chosen to embrace the former in my bikini body. I call this photo ‘forget your thigh gap.’

Kassandra, 18

“A few years ago, I suffered from anorexia and self harm but now I feel better about myself! I love my bigger thighs and small boobs!”


“I don’t have your typical ‘beach body’ but this is MY beach body and I am proud of it! I’ve lost 30 pounds and though I will NEVER be a size 2, I am insanely okay with that! I’ve learned to love my curves, and not let society tell me I’m not allowed to rock a two-piece”

Sharon, 22

“I’ve never been confident, but slowly I’ve been learning to love and accept my body more. The stretch marks, the cellulite, the big thighs, the two rolls, the fatty arms. This was the first time I let my mom see me in a two-piece and take a picture of me. I even uploaded it to social media, so it’s taken a lot of courage but I’m getting there.”

Brianna, 19

“I am confident in my beach body! Although I’m slim, one of my insecurities were the stretch marks on my butt. Seeing airbrushed models on social media only exaggerated my insecurity. However, I have recently come to accept the stretch marks because they make me unique. I love my tiger stripes!”

Eleni, 23

“I grew up by the beach, so having a ‘beach body’ was constantly on everyone’s mind. Being very tall and pale, I always knew I stuck out among my friends. I was always ‘bigger’ in a bikini because of my height and always 50 shades whiter than everyone else.

“When I was in high school, that stress got to me so bad that one summer I only went to the beach a handful of times. Now, years later, none of those feelings even exist. I still don’t have a ‘bikini body’ and I’m still pale as fuck, but I take care of myself and am happy with my body and myself as I am. Plus, abs are a full-time job and I ain’t got time for that.”

Dannielle, 29

“I finally started wearing a bikini again after years of hiding and feeling ashamed of my body. I’m slowly gaining more confidence and learning that I’m strong and deserve love and respect regardless of my size and shape. ”


“It took me a LOT to be confident about my beach body. I hate being 100 pounds and not having any boobs or a huge butt. I’ve tried for the past two years to gain all the weight I can, but my body type just does not put on weight. I came to the realization that everyone is different. I can be beautiful as ME. I can be skinny and OWN it. Everyone is unique and that’s what makes us beautiful and special.”

Gail, 20

“My body might not be thin but it’s the shape that I actually love. After all the crazy fad diets I’ve tried as a teen, I’m loving my curves and accepting that I will never be 110 pounds ever again.”

Erica, 20

“I am confident in my bikini body because I know that I am strong and healthy. Though I don’t have the smallest waist or tightest figure, I work hard at eating healthy and working out. I have accepted that size doesn’t matter as long as you treat your body right and I am sexy in my skin and proud of the work I’ve put in!”

Laila, 21

“I’m more confident in my bikini body with each passing day as I continuously strive to teach myself that looking attractive is nowhere near as satisfying as feeling attractive. I spent so many years resenting myself – and genetics – for how I look, and finally decided I couldn’t do that anymore. There are so many things that are more important about myself than how I’ve convinced myself I look in an article of clothing – but I know I look really good in this one!”

Elena, 19

“I’m proud of my beach body because I’ve worked so hard to get in shape. I’m proud of my progress and deserve to show it off!”

Delaney (left)

“By no means am I at my most confident, but there once was a time that I wore a grandma tankini to cover everything up. Now I know I’m a work in progress and I won’t let insecurities stop me from enjoying time at the beach in a bikini.”

Sophie, 26

“I’m confident in my bikini body because why shouldn’t I be? What other people think I should and shouldn’t wear is so irrelevant to me living my life and feeling great in a bikini.”

Veronique, 19

“Over the years, I’ve learned to accept my body even though it’s still tough. I went through a lot with my anorexia. But now that I’m on the other side, I’ve learned to embrace the beauty of my body like the sun on my skin.”

Molly, 22

“It took me a long time to become confident in a bikini. I have no boobs and hated my dark skin because in my culture fair skin was considered beautiful. But I’ve learned to embrace myself as a member of the #ittybittytiddycommitee and flaunt my melanin the way it is supposed to be flaunted!”

Taylor, 21

“I will never be stick thin and I’ve accepted that. At the end of the day I am strong, and I love my body for it can do! I workout almost everyday and try to fill my body with nutrients while not restricting myself from things I enjoy. I’m confident in my bikini because I know my confidence and acceptance of myself makes me beautiful regardless of what the scale says.”

Haley, 25

“This summer was my first time ever wearing a bikini. I’m also the heaviest I’ve ever been, but I finally realized that happiness and confidence shouldn’t be limited to a certain number on the scale. I’ve included the picture I took when I first tried on my two-piece in the dressing room. I felt amazing and all I could wonder was, why hadn’t I done this sooner?!”

Caroline, 20

“I always tell people that anybody who wears a bikini has a bikini body and I truly believe that. I feel confident and body positive in my bathing suit and in general because I know I am making good decisions for myself and actively trying to better my body and mind in a healthy way.”


“I am positive and confident in my bikini body because I know my body is strong and that it works 24/7 to keep me healthy and alive. I love how broad my shoulders look in halterneck bikinis. It took a few years but I love that I have embraced my body and can walk around the beach not worrying if I have much cellulite or chubby bits. It’s my body and it deserves to feel loved and flaunted in the sunshine.”


“My trick to conquering bikini season is to focus on myself and not other people. When I put on a bikini, I look in the mirror & I tell myself five things I really like about my look. The key is to get off Instagram and stop comparing yourself. I have found so much confidence in accepting that just because I don’t look like someone who I think is beautiful doesn’t mean that I’m not also beautiful. Bikinis are about being care-free, so be care-free!!”

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