Girls share all of the crazy shit they’ve done after a breakup


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Girls share all of the crazy shit they’ve done after a breakup

John Tucker their ass

Everyone swears their ex is crazy. And you know what, sometimes breakups make girls go a little crazy, and that’s fine. We’ve all had that one breakup that just sent us over the edge. Maybe they cheated, maybe they ghosted, maybe your ex was just a dick.

To embrace the ‘crazy’ in us, we asked girls about the wildest thing they have done post break-up, and their responses are possibly a little extra but definitely relatable.

The real life John Tucker

I annihilated my ex essentially. I found out he was two-timing me, so I messaged the girl he was cheating on me with. We decided to get revenge, so while one of us met him for drinks the other hid and then came out to surprise him. We grilled him and then documented the experience on Facebook live. It went viral. I made hundreds of dollars in magazine deals, and he ends up outside my house crying at 3am a few weeks afterwards begging for forgiveness. – Maddie, 20

The one who ripped shit up

I found out my boyfriend was all over someone I’ve known since I was three years old when he was at a party. So, I was up all night and sent the most savage text ever. When I got home I ripped up all pictures he put into a frame for me for Valentine’s Day, ripped the head off the stuffed bear he got me, and basically destroyed any material thing besides jewelry, because he actually had good taste in jewelry. – Zoe, 22

The one who faked a new boyfriend

My ex stopped being friendly with me so I decided to check his Facebook, and I see that he’s in a relationship with one of my old best friends. To make matters worse, the girl he was now dating was also his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. This was like a double betrayal and neither his friend or I could believe it. So we decided we would pretend we are in a relationship, and we even made it Facebook official. Everyone believed we were dating, even my ex and he was so pissed. He deleted me off everything and deleted every single trace of me off his social media.

This was in 2015 , but his girlfriend still feels the need to send me Snapchats of them together because she thinks it will make me jealous. She sent me this picture and a bunch of others while I was out one night. – Mared, 21

The one who literally made him pay

I broke up with my boyfriend and then he tried to get with my friend about two weeks after we broke up. So, my friend and I texted him and set up a date for Valentine’s Day . He paid for this six course dinner in New York and she “bailed on him” a few minutes before dinner. – Leah, 19

The one who turned to YouTube

I dated someone not too nice for sixth months, who I knew was still in love with his ex and basically punishing me for it. He would just randomly ghost me sometimes and I finally got sick of it. So I messaged his dream girl and told her all of the horrible things he did to me and she was shocked. Afterwards he tried to apologize and be super nice to me, so I decided to call him and confront him about everything. I recorded the call because I wanted to re-listen to it later. I thought the call was funny, so I edited it into a video with stock images, and sent it to his friends and family. -Megan, 21

The one who cried at the worst time

A few weeks after the breakup we ended up at the same party. I ended up making out with his best friend then crying in his arms about how it must’ve broken his heart. Whoops! – Alex, 20

The girl who changed her name

I changed my name and cut off 90 percent of my hair. I wanted to recreate my identity because I wanted to become a new person. I cut off my long thick hair that went to the middle of my back and got a pixie cut. I think my hair was a reminder of all the times it got messed up from making out at his house. – Kat, 21

The one who complained about oral sex

I cut up all his belongings and then complained to his best friend about the lack of reciprocal oral sex and then received oral sex from that best friend. – Brit, 24

The one who fucked his friend

We weren’t officially dating, but we had been seeing each other pretty seriously for a couple months. Out of the blue he went cold on me for a week and then called me he “wasn’t looking for anything serious,” but three days later he was Facebook official with some other girl. Clearly, he had been playing me and the other girl for a while, so I fucked his best friend and teammate. – Maria, 18

The one who hit the slam dunk

Basically my ex was a huge fan of our school’s D1 basketball team, and he idolized our center. When we broke up, he said a lot of really disgusting and rude shit about me, including that I slept with my boss. Instead of sleeping with my boss, I slept with the basketball player he idolized and Snapchatted his sleeping body to my ex’s roommate. – Monica, 19