Girls share the strangest ways they learned about sex


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Girls share the strangest ways they learned about sex

‘Eight-year-old me had an obsession with finding out what type of animals had penises’

In every little girl’s and boy’s life, they reach an age where mommy and daddy sit them down and gently explain the birds and the bees. If you’re lucky, that is.

Turns out, there are some pretty terrifying, awkward, and straight up weird ways people have found out about s-e-x.

Innocent activities gone bad

Me and my friends accidentally went on a porn site when we were seven and we got really interested in sex, even though we didn’t understand it or the purpose, so we started playing “house.” Part of it was, one of the guys would get on top of one of the girls and basically dry hump and we’d call it “sex.” There was no sexual arousal, feelings, or actual sex happening. One of the parents caught us and all our parents sat us down and gave us the talk and it was so awkward. – Gigi

Are sorority girls really the people that we should be learning sex from?

When I was like 11 my mom took me and my older sister to this sex ed thing that was being run by a bunch of sorority girls. I had not even gotten my period at that point, I did not even know what a tampon was, and these girls are pulling out dental dams and showing us how they work, pictures of actual vaginas and penises, what your vag looks like when you have chlamydia, and stuff everywhere. I just remember sitting next to my mom while this girl told everyone in the room about all the flavors condoms can come in. My mom and I have literally never talked about that day and I was pretty traumatized. I knew hella about sex afterwards though, so I guess it paid off.  -Samaria

Obsessed with dick

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California. When I was about eight years old, my parents decided to breed some of their horses. So one day I go out to watch them breed horses, look at my mom, and ask “mommy, what’s that long black tube?” For about a month after that, eight-year-old me had an obsession with finding out what type of animals had penises. – Cassie

Telling girls how they should have sex is a turn off at any age

I found out about sex at a third grade summer camp. This kid had a crush on me or my twin or something and I clearly remember sitting in the tube of a playset as he explained sex to me. Never wanted to talk to him again. -Sierra

Thinking with the head

I forget how the conversation started, but my mom ended up explaining that the man’s penis goes into the woman’s vagina and I had this mental picture of a penis just like all of a sudden lifting up and entering a vagina on its own and asked me mom “it just knows to?” And she’s replied “yeah.” For a while I was fascinated that dicks had minds of their own. – Erica

Once you think about it, her dad probably knows from experience

I honestly learned all about sex from porn. I found porn from a very young age and I sort of figure out things from there. The only thing ether of my parents said about sex was my father after he found the porn I had been watching and told me that that wasn’t what sex wasn’t was really like, so I shouldn’t think that it was. – Hayley

This is every teenage girl’s worst nightmare that they don’t even know they have

I went to both a private catholic grade school and high school, so they absolutely refused to give us any kind of sex ed class (which in my opinion was extremely ignorant and stupid). My parents never officially gave me the talk either, so I essentially figured it out on my own and learned how sex worked the day it happened for the first time! -Elena

You know ‘the twitch?’ It’s a cross – species experience…

My family went to a Spanish farm / zoo thing where you could stroke some of the animals. My little brother (maybe four at the time) was stroking this horse whose boner would move every time he touched the horse. My parents were dying and the precocious kid I was, I had to ask about it! – Lydia

Looking on the bright side

I think I mostly really learned about it from reading magazines growing up. I would buy Cosmo and stuff when I was like 10 because my mom did not realize it was not a teen mag! I also watched porn for the first time when I was 11 at a friends’s house because we had heard guys from school mention a site called Tube 8. It was fucking terrifying at the time and we were shocked, but I tended to have a look at it on the sly every now and again after that, just to learn what went where etc etc. Sounds dead weird but porn taught me a lot! Plus it means I give great blowjobs now! – Mared

Life lesson:  If you choose to have kids, do not teach them sex like this.