An extremely detailed but super simple guide to giving life-changing blow jobs


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An extremely detailed but super simple guide to giving life-changing blow jobs

Girls share their juiciest tips

There’s just something about having a penis literally inside your face that makes you wonder, “Am I doing this right?”

If you’re looking to improve your succ skills, or just reassure yourself that you’re a pro, you’ve come to the right place. We asked girls for their tips and tricks for giving the best head, and formed them into a really, really detailed guide.

It’s all about eye contact

Like just about anything else, steady eye contact screams confidence.

Stand him up, assume the classic on-your-knees position, and look up and lock eyes with him as you go. He’ll find both watching you go to town on him and the eye contact super hot.

Don’t forget about the balls!

Most men admit that their balls don’t get enough attention during blowjobs. Remember that testicles are just as sensitive as the rest of the penis, so you can pleasure him a lot more simply by stimulating the boys the right way.

Whether you’re massaging or sucking on his balls, be VERY gentle. Too much pressure becomes uncomfortable very quickly.

Use your hands as much as your mouth

There are a lot of things you can do with your hands while your mouth is busy blowing. You can caress his chest and abs, massage his balls, gently squeeze the base of his penis, or rub the shaft while you give the head some mouth attention.

Using your hands also lets you take short breaks when you’re starting to get lockjaw without stopping the stimulation altogether.

Spit on it

It’s as easy as it sounds, and guys find it absolutely NASTY. But in a fun way!

Ease into deep throating

When it comes to deep throating, know that you can’t just stick the entire length of his penis down your throat right off the bat. You’ll definitely gag yourself, and it’ll probably feel pretty uncomfortable to him as well.

Ease into it, getting farther down the shaft little by little. As you warm up your throat, you’ll get more comfortable having more of his penis in your mouth. That way, it’ll be a pleasurable experience for the both of you.


Even easing into it, some people just have the worst gag reflex. You are not alone. Never fear, we have some tricks up our sleeves for those of you with sensitive throats.

It sounds weird, but try humming while you deep throat. It’s technically impossible to gag or throw up while humming. Don’t believe us? You can try sticking a finger down your throat while you hum right now. See? No gag reflex.

As an added bonus, the slight vibrating of your throat is a tickling sensation that will excite him all the more.

Squeeze your left thumb

This one’s a common hoe tip that you’ve probably heard of before, but rest assured that it really works!

Make your left hand into a fist, tightly squeezing your thumb. Putting the focus elsewhere while your mouth is busy will help to keep you from gagging on his manhood.

Tastefully use those teeth

Initially, telling a guy that you want to use teeth while you blow him will probably freak him out, but try this out.

While going at a slower pace, lightly glide your bottom teeth against the underside of the head. At first they may be confused about what your doing, but this little tip often will often leave them asking, “Hey can you do that one thing with your teeth again?”

Give the head some attention

Let’s not forget that the head is one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. Use this to your advantage to really get him going during foreplay.

Flick your tongue over the head before diving in and putting the length of his penis in your mouth. Another fun way to tease him is to gently run the soft inside part of your bottom lip from the base of the head to the very tip. He’ll love it.

Put your tongue to good use

Since you can move your tongue in all different sorts of ways, there’s a lot you can accomplish with it.

Licking up the length of the shaft is a great tease before putting his whole dick in your mouth. From there on out, use your tongue to put pressure on the under side of his penis while you blow him.

For extra fun, try putting the head under your tongue. Guys claim it replicates the sensation of a pussy!

Give him something to look at while you’re at work

Guys will get off just watching a girl blowing them, but there’s definitely more you can show off. Kneel a bit to the side while you’re on top of him and arch your back so he can see that ass. What a view.

Don’t overdo it

The goal with any sexual act is obviously getting your partner off, but in the case of blowjobs, don’t force it. Don’t deep throat the entire time, and if you’re going to gag a little too hard, it’s OK to pull back.

It’s important to listen to your body as well as his.

Ask him what he wants

There’s nothing wrong with honestly asking him how he wants it. This way, you’ll learn what gets him off and how to do it exactly right.

Ask him to tell you what to do, guys find having the power to tell a woman what to do extremely hot.