Did The Weeknd sell his soul to the devil for fame? An in-depth investigation


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Did The Weeknd sell his soul to the devil for fame? An in-depth investigation

And Selena is an angel trying to save his soul

Everybody loves The Weeknd. You love The Weeknd, I love The Weeknd, even suburban moms love The Weeknd but that’s because they’ve only ever heard edited radio songs.

You hear Starboy or Can’t Feel My Face at the club and scream every word with your friends. Well, I’m here to give you some facts about America’s favorite emotionally unavailable star. I’m not saying he sold his soul to the devil, but I’m also going to give you some strong evidence that he very well could have.

So, there’s this guy named Alphonso on Twitter who shared a crazy theory that had everyone running to cry to their priests. He explains in a detailed and well-developed thread that The Weeknd’s discography tells the story of him selling his soul for musical success.

The artist’s first studio album isn’t part of this whole theory. So, we have to start with the artist’s second album, “Beauty Behind the Madness.”

Alphonso says the first music video on the album, The Hills, shows The Weeknd going to meet the devil after he survives a car crash.

He literally ascends a flight of stairs to a red room. Doesn’t get much more symbolic than that. And that was just their first meeting.

Alphonso explains that we see the devil character again in the video for Can’t Feel My Face. The Weeknd is performing on stage and the crowd hates him, until the devil throws a lighter on stage and causes him to catch fire. This clearly symbolizes the sale of The Weeknd’s soul for musical success, as anyone with eyes can tell.

The next video from this album is for Often. Alphonso explains that this video is about the luxury The Weeknd has experienced since becoming more famous. You know, thanks to the devil. The singer’s all laid up with beautiful women, drugs and lots of alcohol.

But most importantly, you can see the devil bringing him champagne. This symbolizes his role in The Weeknd’s lux life.

So you would think that The Weeknd likes this new life of fortune and fame. But his next video, the one for Tell Your Friends, shows him seeing a burning bush. This is super heavy religious symbolism for The Weeknd finding God, just like Moses. Because obviously The Weeknd is on that level in prophetic power.

Now that The Weeknd has seen God, he wants to leave his deal with the devil behind. He even kills Lucifer in the video.

So now, this takes us to The Weeknd’s newest album, Starboy. Alphonso explains Starboy symbolizes The Weeknd killing his old self that was helped by the devil.

He is shown smashing his old music awards because he knows Satan helped him win them.

So like, this sounds like a happy resolution. But Alphonso explains it’s not all over.

Since The Weeknd tried to kill the devil, things aren’t working out very well for him. He thinks he has or will lose all of his wealth as the devil seeks revenge. This brings us to the False Alarm video, where The Weeknd is trying to steal money.

He dies in the video clutching a cross.

This whole video is creepy, because it is similar to the car crash shown in The Hills. This suggests history repeats itself and The Weeknd can’t run from the devil.

Alphonso suggests the next video, Party Monster, shows The Weeknd in Hell after dying in the car crash. There’s “fire, upside down crosses, cannibalism, and a lot of sinning” in the video, which definitely makes sense for hell, you know?

There’s also a creepy interlude between False Alarm and Party Monster that would definitely be what the transition from Earth to Hell would sound like.

One thing Alphonso says sticks out in the Party Monster video is the heavy eye imagery that is also found in The Weeknd’s photo shoots. The eye is a symbol for the Illuminati, which we all know is Satan’s club for rich people.

So basically, according to Alphonso’s theory, The Weeknd is trapped in his deal with the devil and is desperately trying to cry out for help. But where’s the proof that this is REALLY a deal with the devil and not an allegory where the devil is like alcoholism or something?

Alphonso has some pretty strong proof. First, apparently the cover for Starboy has 666 on it.

There’s also “morning star” references throughout his videos. “Morning star” refers to Lucifer for like multiple reasons. First, Lucifer means “morning star” in Latin. Also, Lucifer is said to have fallen to Earth like a shooting star as the sun was shining.

Alphonso points out the morning star in a painting in Starboy.

However, there are other references to the morning star. The Weeknd refers to himself as “Starboy” and named his album after this moniker. He also refers to a “Stargirl” — maybe a lover who also deals with the devil?

Other members of Twitter have brought their proof too.

This user thinks the entire song Ordinary Life is pretty fishy. The Weeknd literally says he “paid for the life that [he] chose” and “halos are given to ordinary lives, no, but this ain’t ordinary life.”

Madi pointed out something startling she saw at one of his concerts: he spelled out “Satan” on his set.

And Ashley adds fuel to the fire by dragging his relationship with Selena Gomez into evidence. Selena is a public Christian, and is definitely being used in The Weeknd’s desperate attempt to get away from the devil.

In Starboy, The Weeknd says he needs “a girl who really understands” — obviously referring to someone understanding why he made a deal with the devil and the fact he needs to get out of the deal to save his soul. Selena dated Justin, who is basically the devil, so she will definitely understand.

This “Selena is saving him” theory gets even stronger when you read rumors that the Hadid sisters worship Satan. One publication claims Gigi and her sister were in a satanic pose in one of her Instagram posts.

But honestly, the most convincing argument that this is all true? The Weeknd went from an underground artist to pop music star quicker than stars like Nicki Minaj, whose debut was in 2007, or Drake, whose debut was in 2009.

The Weeknd released his first series of mixtapes via anonymous YouTube videos in 2011.

Honestly, I’m not sure why everyone gives Beyonce and Jay-Z shit for being members of the Illuminati when Abel has basically spelled out for us that he is a vessel of Satan.

If you need me, I’m just going to be over here pouring Holy Water all over myself.

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