Are you ready for the rise of the round face?


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Are you ready for the rise of the round face?

A round face renaissance, if you will

Girls with naturally round faces know the real struggle of unattainable beauty standards. Everyone is always telling us that if we don’t like our round face or if we want better cheekbones, we should just work out more. Or you know, stop eating.

But no matter how much I do chin workouts or apply fucktons of contour, I have low cheekbones and a round skull. I just can’t help it.

In a world of Angelina Jolies and Bella Hadids, it can be hard for girls with literal pancake faces to feel pretty. We’re always told we look ‘cute’ not hot. And we can never really pull off a ponytail. Or hats. Or middle part how society tells us we should.

But I am here to tell everyone at home measuring the diameter of their face with a ruler the round face is coming back into style. How do I know? Just look at Beyonce and Rihanna, the only people on Earth whose opinions matter:

These women sporting full-faces is pretty strong proof that we are in the round face renaissance. But they aren’t alone. There’s plenty of hot stars right now with round faces who are going to make them the new ~it~ thing to have.

Like Miranda Kerr.

A literal Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Or Selena Gomez.

Who roped in The Weeknd with her round face, just saying.

Or even Ariel Winter.

Who’s getting a lot of press right now for really no reason except that she’s hot?

Pretty soon, we’re going to see girls rounding their cheeks with blush and covering up their cheek indents with concealer. Mark my words.

Then, it will finally be time for us chubby-faced girls to live our best life.

And love our circle faces.

Like we should’ve been doing this whole time, honestly.

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