CONFIRMED: Harry Styles has four nipples


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CONFIRMED: Harry Styles has four nipples

I’d still bang

Directioners have known Harry Styles has four nipples for years, but he just confirmed the rumor to Chelsea Handler.

During an interview for Chelsea on Netflix, Chelsea said “There’s a rumor on the internet that you have for nipples, have you heard that?” To which Harry replied, “Correct.”

“You do?” Chelsea asked. To which Styles said, “Yeah.”

He proceeded to tell Chelsea his extra two nipples are just a little below his regular(?) nipples.

Well there you have it folks. We have found Harry Styles one (and probably only) flaw.

If possible Harry’s extra areolas make him even hotter. This mutation makes the British heartthrob a little more human, and hopefully a little more accessible.

Harry if you’re reading this I would love to suck on all four of those titties.