Girls share their stories about the things guys did that gave them ‘the ick’


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Girls share their stories about the things guys did that gave them ‘the ick’

‘I told him I didn’t want to have sex anymore because I was going to be a born again virgin’

Most of us have experienced ‘the ick’ — you just might not have known what it was called. The ick is the sudden feeling of disgust towards the person you are dating or hooking up with.

It is usually brought on by a small, seemingly trivial act, but once you catch the ick there is no going back and the relationship is doomed.

babe asked girls why they got the ick, and what they did once they caught it.

The one who snored

This guy had the loudest snore I’ve ever heard in my whole entire life. I knew if I told him I wanted to be in a serious relationship it would drive him away, so I did and it worked. – Gina, 21

The one who didn’t spell out his numbers

I went on a date with this guy who used the number “4” instead of typing out “four”, and for some reason that’s when I knew we weren’t going to have a viable relationship. Super petty but it just flashed me back to middle school, and I couldn’t do it. -Sam, 19

The one who was an outfit repeater

He dressed like a classic boy who didn’t know how to dress himself. He would wear basketball shorts, sneakers and t-shirts. He would just recycle the same clothes. I just picked out everything about him I didn’t like, and it piled up, so I ghosted him. -Jane, 20

The one who couldn’t understand sarcasm

I got the ick with this guy I was seeing when he didn’t understand my very sarcastic dry sense of humor. Once I realized I couldn’t tease him I was turned completely off! I put off speaking to him and tried to drop subtle hints. -Emmy, 22

The one who lied to her mom

This guy I was dating lied to my mom about being drunk, and he made her pull the car over so he could puke, because he “had food poisoning.” Then he kept touching me and trying to hold my hand in front of my friends and their parents. It was never the same after that, but I was too afraid to break up with him. I told him that I didn’t want to have sex anymore, because I was going to be a born again virgin, and when that didn’t work I finally worked up the nerve to break up with him two months later. – Marley, 21

The one who used the laughing emoji

He literally used the cry laughing face emoji in a message and that was it, I got the ick. I just stopped replying to his messages, which is awful I know, but I just really hate that emoji and what he said wasn’t even funny.- Sarah, 22

The one who had no manners

He directly told me he liked talking to me in the corner, because he had my undivided attention, strike one. Strike two was tapping his card over and over on the bar snapping “gin and tonic” at the bartender. I told him that I had to get pizza for a friend and when he insisted on coming, I told him he couldn’t come into her apartment, because she didn’t allow boys in the apartment after 9pm. He insisted on waiting for me outside, so I went back out and told him I lost my shoes inside, and he should leave. – Lilly, 23

The one who was kinda dumb

I got the ick with my long time time boyfriend of nine months after he began asking me for help proofreading his essays for his writing classes. He was much older than I was, so I didn’t expect having too much work to do, but upon reading his first assignment, I found out he had the writing ability of a third grader. He was nearly illiterate, and I couldn’t help but be turned off.- Ellie, 20

The one who doesn’t give head

When a guy doesn’t go down on me I get the ick immediately. Boy, bye. I go full ghost mode and will never see them again. – Sarah, 22

The one who was too cheesy

Despite feeling the beginnings of the ick, I thought I should try to get to know this guy better. The ick got stronger when he used an actual getting-to-know-you list of questions from what must have been the New York Times or something. Then we go back to his apartment (I thought we would go out, I guess not) and I realize he lives in the same building as my ex. I hid my face from the doorman, once we got up to his apartment he tries to kiss me ,and I suavely turn my head to the side, giving him a good face of NOPE. It took a full hour to get out of there, but that date was full of signs. I told him over text that we should just be friends.- Kristi, 21

The one who wasn’t actually a varsity athlete

One time I got the ick because this guy told me he was on the track team, and then I found out he was on the club track team and not the varsity track team. I felt lied to, so I ghosted him. – Lucy, 20


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