Nearly one in four men don’t think ‘surprise anal’ is assault


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Nearly one in four men don’t think ‘surprise anal’ is assault

It is against the law

A survey conducted by babe about sex and consent found that 22 percent of men do not think going from vaginal sex to anal sex without asking is assault.

The survey asked respondents to check all of the boxes which they consider to be sexual assault. The boxes said things like, “removing the condom without asking in the middle of sex,” “continuing to have sex if consent was initially given but then withdrawn,” and “going from vaginal sex to anal sex without asking.” Of the 2,555 responses, 315 were men.

Twenty-two percent of these men do not believe surprise anal is assault. The truth is just because someone consented to vaginal sex does not mean they are consenting to anal sex, just like if someone consents to kissing they are not consenting to penetrative sex.

It is not only a violation of someone’s bodily autonomy to engage in surprise anal sex, it is also against the law.

During an interview with ATTN:, legal expert and attorney advisor for AEquitas, Viktoria Kristiansson, explains that if consent was not given to penetrate a different orofice, then no one has the right to penetrate it.

“We always need to get consent from each other to engage in any kind of sexual behavior- this is true after 10 years of marriage and true for dating after 10 months,” Kristiansson said.


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