Sex IRL: The horny girl whose military man is finally back


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Sex IRL: The horny girl whose military man is finally back

‘I’m at the point where masturbating just isn’t doing it for me. I’m in need of real dick’

Sex IRL is a series by babe dedicated to detailing the ups, downs and in-betweens of real girls’ sex lives. It’s unfiltered, graphic and, most importantly, real. This week, a 20-year-old intern in a long-distance military relationship sees her man after two months of not having a real dick inside her. 20, straight, New York/Iowa City.

Day 1

8 a.m. I wake up and remember that I officially have all but four days to get through until I can see my boyfriend again. My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship. He serves in a branch of the US military, so we’ll call him Military Man.
8:10 a.m. After 10 minutes of waiting for a good morning text that never comes through, I get out of bed. Military Man and I are finishing up our first service-related separation: a two month field training operation in the middle of a foreign desert. There’s no cell service in the desert.
3 p.m. Military Man’s good morning text finally gets through to me, along with a cute message that reads “Another day closer to seeing you.” Smiling, I shoot him an “I miss you” response, knowing full well he won’t be able to see it for hours. Communication is a constant game of phone tag with his spotty service, but at least he’s thinking of me. When he gets random spurts of service we’re able to talk for a few minutes over the phone or exchange a few texts and Snapchats, but that is the extent of our contact.
11 p.m. I’m curled up in bed watching Netflix when my phone rings. Military Man is almost done with his field operations trip and his cell service has gotten noticeably better, so luckily the goodnight phone calls have been becoming more frequent. We don’t get to talk for very long, but our conversation consists of “I miss you so much” and “You have no idea what I’d do to you if I was there right now.”
11:20 p.m He has to get back out into the field so we say goodnight and get off the phone. Our conversation has left me pretty hot and bothered so I quickly finish myself off, but after two months I’m at the point where masturbating just isn’t doing it for me. I’m in need of real dick.
12 a.m. I quickly get ready for bed, ignoring my body aching for cuddles.

Day 2

7 a.m. I’m jolted awake an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off by a really hot dream about Military Man and I boning. My dreams have been shamelessly reminding me that I’m sex deprived as fuck, as if I actually need a reminder.
7:05 a.m. I groan and roll over, trying to fall back asleep, but I’m not having any luck so I head to the bathroom to take a shower. A really cold one.
6 p.m. After a long day at the office I head out with some of the other interns for dinner and drinks. We gossip about work, life and boys, the usual. They beg me to recount the story of how Military Man and I got together, so I tell them. Military Man and I have been friends all throughout high school. He was nothing more than a guy from my classes, and the most we saw of each other outside of school was the occasional party or study group. We only ended up dating for a few months in college, but broke up before he went away to boot camp. I knew he was leaving, and we decided not to keep it going.
6:15 p.m. My friends are eating up the story, and I haven’t even gotten to the cheesy part yet. After about a year since our break up, I got a phone call late one night. I remember my heart dropping when Military Man’s name popped up on the screen, and for all I knew, this was the call telling me that he had died serving the country. I answered, my hands shaking, and hearing his voice, alive, well and drunk on the other end, asking if we could be friends again. Now here we are, together again despite the military’s tight grip on his life, and happier than ever.
7 p.m. We have a few more drinks and head home for the night.
8 p.m. I’m still feeling buzzed from dinner when I get home. As I change out of my work clothes, I send Military Man some sexy snaps, because what else do girls do when they’re drunk and missing their boyfriends?
12 p.m. I get three notifications in a row: “Military Man took a screenshot!” He’s started a collection of nudes ever since he’s been away, so this doesn’t surprise me. He immediately calls me to say just how much I’m torturing him with my Snapchats and the conversation turns into steamy phone sex pretty quickly. My flight home cannot come soon enough.

Day 3

9 a.m. I sleep in this morning and head to the office in a sweatshirt and messy bed head curls. I’m excited today, because Military Man will be leaving his base in the desert to head to the airport and catch a flight back home. I’m really looking forward to him finally having good cell service.
2 p.m. Military Man lets me know he’s at the airport waiting on his flight. It’s almost surreal that I’m actually going to be seeing him again in less than 48 hours. I’ve gotten so used to not hearing from him that I almost forgot what it’s like to be able to talk to him throughout the day. I just wish that I could be there waiting for him at the airport when his flight lands.
7 p.m. I make it home from the office, constantly checking my phone for updates on Military Man. I think about him picking me up from the airport, jumping into his arms and kissing him. My thoughts wander even farther to how good the sex will be. I get insanely horny and force myself to go for a long run to ease my sexual frustration. It helps, but only a little.
12 a.m. I’m in bed just about to fall asleep when my phone rings, jolting me awake. I quickly answer the phone, knowing exactly who it is. “Hey beautiful, I’m home.” Even half asleep I can’t help but smile. It’s so good to hear Military Man’s voice knowing that he’s safe and sound back home. Just one more day. We’re so close.

Day 4

8 a.m. I wake up for work to the sweetest good morning texts. “Good morning beautiful, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Have a great day at work I’ll talk to you when I’m off.” I get to see Military Man tomorrowIt felt like I’d never actually make it this far.
7 p.m. Military Man is getting back at me for all the “torturing” I did by sending him nudes while he was in the field, so he’s been sending me sexy snaps all day and thoroughly enjoying my frustration. He sends me shirtless workout pics from PT, towel pics fresh out of the shower, and a full on mirror nude wearing nothing but the camo hat from his work uniform. This suspense is killing me.

Day 5

8 a.m. I could barely sleep last night from all the excitement and wake up way earlier than I needed to be. I pack up my things, stop by the office one last time and head to the airport. I’m so ready to be home.
4 p.m. My flight lands and my heart is pounding. Leaving the gate, I see him in the main concourse and run past everyone on the escalators to jump into his arms. He scoops me up, his hands tightly gripping my waist as he lifts me off the ground and spins me around. We kiss for the first time in two months and it feels like pure fireworks. We stand there for a few minutes locked in a hug, our foreheads pressed together as we smile at each other and laugh. I am so happy.
5 p.m. Neither of us can sit through the drive home, so we find a parking lot to get busy in his car. I slide over into the driver’s seat and straddled him, pulling the zipper on his jeans down with his mouth already on mine. “We have to be quick,” I giggle as I start riding him. It was exactly that, quick, but felt so good for the first time fucking in two months. It was the perfect start to all the sex I knew we’d be having as soon as we got home. We hit the highway with foggy windows and absolutely no regrets. My outfit for today was planned accordingly: a dress, no panties, no shame.
6 p.m. We’re home and head straight to his bedroom where we tear each others clothes off as soon as the door closes and he fucks me. Hard. He holds my hands behind my back and pulls my hair. He’s rougher with me than he’d ever been, but I keep up. You don’t leave the desert after two months without some pent up testosterone.
6:20 p.m. I tell him over and over that I want it just as badly as he did, which only makes him fuck me harder. He loves it when I talk dirty to him.
7 p.m. After the first few times the sex gets more gentle and sweet. He caresses my skin, kisses my neck and holds me tightly while we switched from top to bottom. “I missed you” sex is definitely one of the best kinds.
8.p.m. We pass out after all the fucking.

Day 6

11 a.m. Waking up in back in Military Man’s arms is one of the best feelings. Our good morning kisses turn into sweet and gentle morning sex. This is everything I thought seeing him again would be.
12 p.m. We spend the afternoon like we do any other day, playing some music and whipping up a late breakfast while we dance around the kitchen like idiots. It’s definitely a lazy day and we stay in doing nothing but laying in bed, watching movies and having sex every few hours.

Day 7

10 a.m. I wake up all tangled up with Military Man in his sheets. I kiss his cheek and in his sleep he makes a cute little grunting noise and pulls me closer. I run my fingers through his curly hair until I doze back off. It’s good to have my Military Man back home.
11 a.m. I think about him leaving again. We don’t know when exactly he’ll get deployed again, or for how long. For all we know, the next time could be the big one, a real deployment that lasts six to nine months instead of two. He could come back fine, injured or not at all, and that’s the scariest reality I’ve ever had to face. But regardless of when they take him away from me, I’m determined to love him while he’s here and while he’s mine, and be waiting for him as soon as he gets back.

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