The funniest, most pure memes about Lana Del Rey’s new album release


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The funniest, most pure memes about Lana Del Rey’s new album release

Take off, take off, take off all your clothes

At last, Mother has blessed us with a new offering. Lana Del Rey dropped Lust For Life yesterday, and if you haven’t listened to it, you’re a) homophobic, and b) an actual moron. It’s already lauded as Lana’s greatest work yet, filled with dreamy vocals, new collabs with music legends, and enough sad-slash-dreamy captions to fill the Tumblr of every sad girl and messy bottom in all of LA.

Behold. the greatest, sweetest, most reverent memes about the album’s release. You’re only allowed to read this with Lust For Life playing in the background, so queue it up.

First, we have this girl doing the Lord’s work. It’s literally like being a missionary:

PSA: Delete all your ex’s numbers before you start listening because you will get bogged down in the feels and it will ruin your weekend:

My brother sleeps with a signed Lana pic next to his bed so this is just science, tbh:

Two beautiful, beaming binches:


Not to be all “tearing women down” but LANA > KENDALL, I’M SO SORRY:

Do you think Trisha Paytas has listened to it yet?

Wig? Flew.

We like to pop and lock and jam and break, regardless of its legality:

Lana Del Rey: the reason I’m blocked by all of my exes on Instagram:

Extra, but brilliant. Fake candids only:


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